Tampa gas stations go dry amid Florida state of emergency – Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida 2021-05-11 22:28:01 –

Tampa, Florida — On Tuesday, some Tampa gas stations ran out of fuel as experts urged consumers not to buy gasoline in a panicked state.

It is offered as one of the largest gasoline suppliers in the country. Colonial pipeline closed on weekends due to cyberattack.

The colonial pipeline supplies about 45% of fuel along the east coast and is experiencing serious shortages in some states.

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ABC Action News has discovered that pumps are no longer available at Shell Stations on Florida Avenue and Hillsboro, and at Circle K on Kennedy Boulevard and South Howard Avenue.

“I see cars lined up to get gas, but I don’t have gas,” said Domani Davis. “I stopped by to get the gas, and I see all the pumps out of service and saying sorry.”

Experts say the closure of the pipeline does not directly affect most of Florida’s petrol supply, but the surge in panic buying is causing some shortages.

AAA’s Mark Jenkins warns that it’s not time to buy and store gasoline.

“We receive a great deal of gas from ships departing from the Gulf of Mexico from refineries in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi,” Jenkins said. “These ships continue to move. Even if the colonial pipeline is down, some ships are sailing across the bay, delivering petrol in Florida.”

On Tuesday, long lines plagued drivers in northern Florida and Georgia as several gas stations dried up.

Governor Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency, saying that disruption of colonial pipeline operations poses a “serious and imminent threat” to fueling Florida.

“It will cause many problems for people not only for the convenience of life but also for our economy. Now we carry more fuel trucks to parts of Florida that need more fuel. We are relaxing the restriction of waiting for. “

Tampa gas stations go dry amid Florida state of emergency Source link Tampa gas stations go dry amid Florida state of emergency

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