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Tampa, Florida 2021-05-27 17:49:09 –

Tampa, Florida —— Mayor Jane Castor released a roadmap for the city on Thursday. This roadmap is packed with actions and initiatives to strengthen the city from current and future challenges. This plan, which focuses on everything from support to neighbors to infrastructure development, is called “Resilient Tampa.”

The mayor said Report It’s the culmination of almost two years of collaborative work.

“This Resilient Tampa roadmap is a breakthrough for our city and will make it a much stronger and more resilient community and move into the future,” Castor said. Stated.

The roadmap focuses on four key areas: opportunities for all tampanians, thriving regions, climate-friendly infrastructure, and growing and connected cities. Resilient Tampa aims to better prepare Tampa for known and unknown shocks and stresses facing cities, such as climate risk and economic and social inequity, with 13 goals and about 60. Shows the behavior of.

“This project was very difficult, and if it wasn’t difficult enough, we could create a roadmap for community resilience, address current needs, and make efforts to move into the future.” Said Caster.

One of the goals of the roadmap under prosperous areas is to increase the supply of affordable housing. The roadmap action to achieve this is to create a community land trust based on best practices from models across the country.

Mayor Caster said at a press conference Thursday that everyone knows that as the city grows, the prices of homes and real estate will rise.

“By creating this land trust and allowing land parcels to be placed in the land trust, developers will be able to use them, and developers will be able to use more affordable units, condominiums, etc. In addition, we will be able to build housing units for our community, “said Caster.

According to the city, the roadmap was created through a process of community involvement during the COVID-19 pandemic, including general research, workshops, and ideas and suggestions from Tampa people.

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Tampa mayor unveils “Resilient Tampa” roadmap for the city Source link Tampa mayor unveils “Resilient Tampa” roadmap for the city

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