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Tampa, Florida 2022-05-03 22:35:40 –

Tampa, Florida. — The city of Tampa plans to improve the dilapidated pumping station in Tampa’s Bayshore Boulevard.

The pumping station has undergone many improvements since it was first used in 1955. It has reached the design life and needs to be replaced.

New pumps are added to provide redundancy.

“Currently there are only two pumps, which is a kind of old standard,” said Eric Weiss, director of the Tampa City Wastewater Department. “Currently, we have four pumps in place, and the other pumps are backup backups to improve restoring force so that overflow does not occur.”

The electrical infrastructure has also been upgraded to provide flood protection. The city plans to improve safety by reducing visibility obstructions in the Bayshore Boulevard. And Mason-Stover Street.


A series of hedges makes it difficult for residents and cyclists to see oncoming vehicles.

“Obstacles are extremely dangerous when trying to climb the stoval and turn left on the Bayshore north,” said resident Dee Dee Pool. “It’s very difficult to see an oncoming vehicle.”

City leaders presented a preliminary plan before the city council. They are working on the final decision of the plan. Construction is scheduled to begin in late 2023. The project must be completed by 2024.

This project is funded by PIPES, a funding plan for the city’s large-scale sewerage and water infrastructure improvements. PIPES will establish a gradual rate increase schedule for water and sewage services over a 20-year period.

Replacing the pumping station is expected to cost $ 12.4 million.

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