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Riverside, California 2021-09-16 08:23:35 –

The new website allows students to share their thoughts anonymously at any time.

Corpus Christi, Texas — The Wellness Center at Corpus Christi, University of Texas A & M is developing a new platform that enables students to support each other through the fight for mental health.

Teresa Sharp, director of the counseling center, said:

A new resource called TogetherAll gives students 24-hour access to share their thoughts.

“If a student isn’t motivated to do their homework, has been procrastinating for a while, and is starting to feel stressed or anxious because of being late, they can post to all platforms before posting to other users. More. Other colleagues on the platform. You can see the post, respond and provide encouragement guidance so you can share your story, “says Sharp.

Students can register anonymously from the Counseling Center website.

“The hope of such an anonymous platform is to be a little more free to admit that they are” I’m having a hard time. ” That way, you can be sure that other people are having a hard time, and both will provide it. Support. “

Posts are also monitored by mental health professionals and you can get more help if needed.

“This is something new,” Sharp said. “It really provides a way to peer support that we didn’t have as part of the service menu.”

Sharp says it’s all part of their mission.

“Raise awareness about mental health issues, talk about mental health issues, and challenge stigma related to seeking help with mental health issues. We, like physical health issues, We need to start thinking about mental health issues. “

TAMU-CC showcases online mental health platform Source link TAMU-CC showcases online mental health platform

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