The city of Nasik housed in the state of Maharashtra, India is held high when it comes to places of religious and mythological importance. Nasik is famous for holding storing related to the famous Hindu epic, Ramayana. It is said that Lord Laxman during their exile with his brother, Lord Ram and his consort goddess Sita had cut off the nose of Shurpanakha. Shurpanakha is the sister of Raavan, the antagonist of Ramayana. Hence, the name Nasik was given to this very place. Tapovan is housed in this holy city.

More about Tapovan 

Tapovan was once a part of the Dandakaranya forest. Now it is a site besieged in the richness of natural beauty. The work Tapovan literally means a place which is reserved for rumination and reparation. This place very well stands up to its name. The tranquil aura of Tapovan has the power to calm any indivisual. The fact that this place is backed by such religious importance, this place is one of the favourite pilgrimage centres in the city. Apart from pilgrims and monks, Tapovan is visited by a larger public as well. Seekers of peace come wandering to this place every now and then. Tapovan is definitely an antidote for mayhem and chaos.

Things to do in and around Tapovan 

Tapovan is place where one can find an abundance of nature. The endless forests housed in here is a fair sight. Nature lovers must visit this place. Tapovan is undisturbed by outside chaos and is the perfect spot for experiencing nature with one’s companions. The ones who like exploring forests and going on treks must try visiting Tapovan. When in here one gets a chance to explore flora and fauna like never before. The fact that the forests lining this place had not been disturbed has saved various ecosystems housed in it. A visit to this place is definitely an enriching experience.

Tapovan is a heaven for photography fanatics. One can carry out natural photography as well as wildlife photography in here. Tapovan is a perfect spot for capturing spectacular landscapes. Sunset and sunrise are mesmerizing in here. If one happens to be here during this time of the days then no shot will go wasted. The view of the city from here is panoramic.

In addition to all this Tapovan is home to the blessed river Godavari. Godavari’s noiselessly babbling stream flows undisturbed in here. This very river considered holy in Hindu texts and it is believed that a dip in the holy waters of this river cleanses one’s sins.

The divine serenity of this place attracts monks and pilgrims in here. Tapovan is a perfect location for carrying out meditation.

The fact that this place is closely related with Ramayana has led to the establishment of several temples in here. These include temples dedicated to Lord Ram, Lord Laxman and Kund. Thus, this place is crowded with devotees throughout the year.

A Tourist’s Guide

Tapovan is at a distance of 5 km from the main city of Nasik. One can easily find public transport facilities in order to reach this place. This includes bus, auto and cab service. The nearest railway station from here is Nasik Road Railway Station which is 12 km away. The nearest airport from Tapovan is Gandhinagar International Airport. The airport is at a distance of 15 km from here. Accommodation is not a problem in the city of Nasik. One can find hotels ranging from budget hotels to premium hotels in this city.

Tapovan is one serene location at Nasik. One can find almost everything in here ranging from temples to natural beauty. One must visit this place once in their lifetime to experience a placid environment of this magnitude.

Vaagisha Singh

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