Tarot and Dancing Converge in ‘Terrestrial Locomotion’ – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-10-21 11:01:18 –

Terrestrial Locomotion is shipped by BIPOC / queer vendors and practitioners every Tuesday (838 S. First St.), including tarot card readers, astrological interpreters, jewelry and art vendors, Thai massages, and acupuncturists.

Creator Grace D’Amore, owner of Tarot D’Amore, will lead a free Tarot lesson at 6:30 pm. At 9:30 pm, D’Amore offers free lessons at Neo Zuke, a form of dance based in Brazil. Zouk, a partner dance developed from Lambada dance. According to D’amore, Neozuke “forms a dance connection using the vigorous exchange of chakra energy and the practice of platonic tantra.”

NS Shepherd Express Connected with D’Amore and asked a few questions about ground movement and the entire Milwaukee spiritual arts community.

What made you start moving to the ground?

Tarot is my gift and I love helping others. Beyond that, I wanted to create an entire exposition to provide more services than Tarot.

My experience with vending machines at local expositions so far has been unpleasant. We have witnessed many vendors using the spiritual practices and lifestyles of a culture that has reached its limits for their money and stability and passing it on as their idea. We wanted a space that everyone could access safely, so we pursued only BIPOC / queer vendors and decided not to charge a table fee. I needed space, so I asked a friend who would host multiple comprehensive theme nights like Afro Vibes on Thursday and Nosh Latina on Saturday. The cargo has an elegant atmosphere that accommodates ground movements, accelerates the growth of the event and provides excellent staff.

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Second, I needed a vendor, and thanks to quarantine, I had enough time to geek all local tarot leaders and vendors with unique abilities and spiritual practices. Since then, it’s nothing more than a blessing! This event would not be possible without a great growth group of BIPOC / queer vendors.

When did you start reading tarot cards? What made you so attracted to spiritual art / fortune-telling?

In 1999, I discovered my astrological birth chart. I have read dozens of books over the last 21 years and have discovered the mysterious patterns and behaviors we have as humans.

In 2006, I really wanted to be a party life. Then I found a housewife’s tarot deck at Barnes & Noble. What’s a better way to get into a party life than reading futures with sneaky profane?

For 10 years, I intuitively did everything wrong and did a lot well. I read a lot of books, tracked what I read, and finally learned how to actually trust my thoughts, words, and actions. It’s always an ongoing task.

Over the last decade or so, there seems to be a new interest in tarot cards, astrology and other spiritual art, especially among young people. Does Milwaukee have a thriving spiritual arts community?

There are many spiritual artists in the community. Many spiritual practitioners practice outside the home only with family, tribes, and friends and do not need money. Milwalky Tarot has many long history, success stories, dramas, proceedings, and books written and published.

I attract people to me through genuine connections. All the actions I take in spiritual art come from my heart and I am surrounded like a “hearty” individual.

Do you have a long-term plan for ground and travel?

As the weather permits, we would like to hold a pop-up event in an easily accessible outdoor space. You need to see what is recommended by covid. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages Tarot d’amore For announcements and events.

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