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Hohenwald, Tennessee (WTVF) —Tara leaves Hohenwald’s Elephant Reserve after a court battle over the protection of Tennessee’s most famous elephant.

She will be transferred to Georgia

It was a long and sometimes troublesome court battle over the beloved Asian elephant, Tara.

After spending nearly half of her life in Tennessee, she reunited with the woman who raised her for years.

Elephants were to be loaded onto trucks for transport from Hohenwald’s elephant sanctuary to southern Georgia.

Cod is the most famous elephant in the sanctuary, not just because it has lived there for the past quarter century.

You may remember the story of Tara and her loyal K-9 companion, the late Bella, 10 years ago.

Tara was the first elephant in the sanctuary and was brought in by its founder Carol Buckley.

A few years later, Buckley was banished. She claims to have never surrendered Tara and sued the sanctuary for protection.

Buckley won in court.

“It took some relief because it took so long for justice to be offered,” Buckley said.

Sanctuary complained. However, the legal opposition ended when the Tennessee Supreme Court refused to hear the case this month.

Buckley hasn’t seen Tarra for more than five years, so he’s seeking a complaint.

Now the two are back together.

Buckley considers the Tara family who bought her back as a baby from a company that used elephants as a promotion for tire sales in 1974.

Currently, the two are heading to North America, a Buckley elephant shelter in southern Georgia, a few miles north of Tallahassee, Florida.

There are critics who say Buckley shouldn’t move cod from her home for nearly 30 years.

Buckley says they belong together, and Tara will be well cared for in Georgia’s new 850-acre home.

This is Tarra. 47 years old.

According to Buckley, Asian elephants can live for over 70 years.

Tarra the elephant leaves Hohenwald sanctuary Source link Tarra the elephant leaves Hohenwald sanctuary

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