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Anyone living, working or playing in the Granville district on the Northwest Side of Milwalky will have access to quality lunchtime options at Tasty Tuesdays at 8103 W. Tower Ave. in Milwalky. Starting June 28th and every Tuesday to September, every Tuesday to 1:30 pm, the summer event will feature one or two notable primopiats every week for food entrepreneurs. ..

On the first day, participating vendors such as Lily Bell, Rashida Creations, Juicy Lucy’s, Chef’s Daughter, Parato Catering, Ultimate Greek Salad, Jumbo Caribbean Jerk Chicken Wing, Vegan Rice, Tennessee Honey Pecan Cake, Mango Passion Sweet Tea, Enchilada with Black Featuring. Beans, grilled bean corn relish salmon tacos, chicken cabobs, funnel cakes and more. The menu changes every week.The updated menu will be posted on Monday morning

Participating food vendors are based in the commercial kitchen space of the Tower on the 81st. A delicious Tuesday started in 2019, but has been put on hold since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Mary Hoehne, executive director of the Granville Business Improvement District (BID), currently has less lunch options for employees in nearby businesses and industrial complexes, so Tasty Tuesdays is helping those workers with quality. It started as a way to offer high dining options. Food startup. This event also builds friendships between neighbors and visitors.

Hoehne says Tasty Tuesdays isn’t a food truck event, it’s a place where vendors can cook and serve food outdoors. If time permits, there are outdoor seating for people to sit and eat. Otherwise, you can return the grab and go option to work. “This is an incredible combination of experienced chefs using commercial kitchens,” she says. “We’re not talking about burgers and french fries here, we’re talking about really good food. In the summer, it’s a healthier and lighter fare.”

In the Granville area, unique events have been held in recent years, such as the Granville Blues Fest, which will be held on July 23rd and 24th, and July 30th and 31st for two consecutive weeks. Shepherd Express For more information and event videos. ) Tasty Tuesdays vendors will also participate in the Blues Festival. The Granville Connections Entrepreneurship Hub will open later this year with local entrepreneurs, designers, retailers, fitness professionals, food and coffee vendors.

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June 28, 2022

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