Tay Anderson defiant after censure and calls to resign – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-09-21 00:05:05 –

Denver — Denver Public School Board member Tearerson said he would continue to work in the district on Monday in a protest and call for a student resignation.

Anderson Blame on friday According to the school board for what the members said was inappropriate behavior with the students.Voting took place a few days later Report released Summary of allegations against Anderson regarding sexual misconduct with minors. The report found that the most serious allegations were unfounded. However, several other interactions were revealed, including a message with a 16-year-old DPS student and an intimidating social media post under investigation.

“For the past six months, work at Denver Public School has been discontinued because the allegations have proved groundless,” Anderson said at a press conference Monday night.[Students’] Education was on the sidelines again in the midst of the noise. “

The school board voted 6-1 on Friday for accusations. Anderson was the only vote against the action. However, the students said the accusations were not enough punishment for the board of education directors. Over 1,000 students I left class on Monday and went to the school district headquarters, demanding Anderson’s resignation.

Jennifer Bacon, Vice President of the Denver Public School Board of Education, said: “As our students told us today, we need more action and more accountability.”

The board has limited ability to rebuke elected officials and cannot force the resignation of board members. However, the president said the school district will publish a new code of conduct that outlines the rules and outcomes of school staff behavior online.

“Most of this code of conduct is also a strict policy on social media communication for board members,” said Dr. Carrie Olson, chairman of the Denver Public School Board of Education. “The Code of Conduct also provides a clear protocol and consequences for fraud. It helps to ensure accountability.”

Anderson said he participated in the discussion of the new code of conduct, but denied any misconduct related to the findings. He also presented a new diversity agenda, including the creation of an ethnic research department, and said it would be the focus of the rest of the time on the school board.

Tay Anderson defiant after censure and calls to resign Source link Tay Anderson defiant after censure and calls to resign

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