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NEnglish college students Average debt Over £ 45,000 each – horribly, I still remember the news that one student borrowed. £ 189,700Or, it’s the same as turning on the heating for a few weeks this winter – I think you’ll start expecting more celebrity speakers at the graduation ceremony. Thousands of bands can be seen for £ 280 at Glastonbury.It doesn’t cost much to book a presenter Loose womanFor example, give 30 minutes of life advice.

In the United States, celebrities, from writers to politicians to engineers, have a long tradition of giving graduation speeches.My favorite is the director John waters, A person who can always count on good things. “Parents, it’s time to talk to you. God, these children can be kid? Little bastards with rights.” He talked to a group of students2015; In 2020, he told virtual graduates to “cross the valley of humor, cross the pinnacle of sexual disorder, and head for a crackpot capitalist coup.”

The funny thing is that Taylor Swift has her Graduation speech At New York University last week. I’m just kidding. Of course she didn’t. But famous people for this strange task of providing a speech that combines support, congratulations, personal anecdotes, and advice on how to live well (spoiler note: being rich really helps). The approaches taken are diverse and attractive.

Swift, who holds an honorary doctorate, chose “life hack” over advice. “I’m 90% sure that the main reason I’m here is because there’s a song called 22,” she told her 22-year class. She told her students not to be shy to give it a try. Very swift in my strangely touching emotions and shy honesty. “I strongly support not hiding your enthusiasm for things,” she said. She claimed that “our” innocent ambivalence “culture had a false stigma around enthusiasm.” “Innocent ambivalence and 19th century Gothic” etc.

To continue the spirit of Swift’s seriousness, it’s a nice emotion, now rare in an increasingly arched and distant culture that filters emotions solely by humor and gag. But disorder is boring and it does nothing. If this is the beginning of a resurgence of great enthusiasm, then I deserve it, and that’s all.

Lisa McGee’s lesson with the Derry Girls was overjoyed

Lisa McGee in front of the Derry Girls Mural in Londonderry on April 7, 2022. Photo: Liam McBurney / PA

I saw the last two episodes of Derry Girls Twice, once before they aired, because I reviewed them, And also when they were on TV, it’s sometimes because such big terry moments are better in the crowd. I both cried. This is an almost perfect ending to a great series, and it’s no wonder that we did it by educating our viewers about the Good Friday Agreement and sparing jokes. It was wonderful and very moving.

Its creator, Lisa McGee, said in a press screening that one of the most powerful stories about Erin and Michelle dropping out because of Michelle’s family history wasn’t originally part of the episode. When Covid delayed the shoot, Nicola Coughlan was also filming, so there were many scenes where Claire was in a different location than the others. Bridgerton – McGee had time to think and suggested the idea that a referendum would lead to a conflict of friends. “Let’s have a political and personal crash together because it’s the only time we get the chance to do it,” she said.

BBC ran a piece Last week I asked where all the new classic sitcoms are and One show The most beloved BBC series polls saw 10 sitcoms named by viewers, but none were created in the last 15 years.Of course Derry Girls Not counted as a Channel 4 resident, its last episode put it in a new classic sitcom category for me.

Starman Sam Rider Creates Second Spot Virtue

Sam Rider gives him everything in Eurovision.
Sam Rider gives him everything in Eurovision. Photo: Stephania D’Alessandro / Getty Images

There is an old movie from 2009 Whip it, A sweet little movie about the sports of Roller Derby directed by Drew Barrymore. There are short, fairly insignificant conversations because I’m always stuck in my head. When the team we are supposed to support loses the match, they are happy to say, “We are in second place! We are in second place!” The joke is that there are two teams in the roller derby match. about it.

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest For a variety of reasons, the victory of Ukraine, which arrived on a particularly decisive and encouraging wave of referendums, was a considerable journey. But for the first time in a very long time, Britain was a competitor.. Samrider Spaceman had his second chance last week. Riders have enthusiastically campaigned to be the first UK Eurovision entry since Gina G’s Ooh Aah… Justa Little Bit in 1996. It may be the only unpopular move in his career, throwing the rider at the post, as it was. But if the rider has learned something in the last seven days, it’s a way to be graceful to defeat. He is second! He is second!

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Taylor Swift: Inspiring Students About the Importance of Being Serious | Rebecca Nicholson

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