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TCS founder team and David Pemsel join new company Science Magic. Inc – WWD

London- New public relations, branding and marketing companies are trying to connect the points between data science, storytelling and digital technology to talk to the next generation of consumers and shopping tribes.

Communications stores Daniel Marks and Frietta Dexter are teaming up with David Pemsel in a venture launched this week. Pemsel, a former CEO of Guardian Media Group, has transformed the digital business of British newspapers and turned the group back into profit.

TCS, a public relations company with clients such as Versace, Victoria Beckham Beauty and Goop, will be instantly integrated into the new company ScienceMagic.Inc. Approximately 115 TCS employees will be transferred to a new company based in London and New York.

TCS has been in business for over 25 years, and Marks and Dexter said in an interview that they are looking to the future and new to communicate and build business as consumers buy directly from businesses and form communities around them. He said it was time to consider the method. Favorite brands, celebrities, influencers and other individuals.

Marks, whose new position is “Chief Magic Officer,” said the company’s goal is to “use data, AI, and technology to amplify great creative thinking, develop and sustain outstanding consumer entertainment platforms. “Building a good commercial business”, he said, to become a brand guardian.

Pemsel’s position is Chief Executive Officer, and Dexter is Chief Growth and Purpose Officer. All three are shareholders of the new business. They plan to quickly reveal the director of science and the director of experience.

In an interview, they said they wanted to work as closely as possible with their clients. Plan a long-term “3-D” strategy that targets your brand and potentially invest in part of your client’s business. The company will continue to work on TCS in public relations and communications.

Pemsel, who was also the founder and chairman of GMG Ventures, a £ 42 million fund with early-stage investments in the media technology sector, said his big goal was “to build meaningful relationships with consumers in this complex and dynamic world. That’s it. ” .. “

He said the new company will be guided by three core themes: strategic science, creative magic, digital experiences, and growing true lasting value for both brands and influential people. It was.

He believes that “individuality and purpose are the future of all brands,” while consumers seek inspiration “in a new world of true engagement and entertainment.”

Pemsel added that data, creative and digital will not be siled at ScienceMagic.Inc, but will work together for the benefit of the brand.

The fashion and celebrity public relations and branding industries are changing rapidly, leaving behind many media organizations and communications professionals.

Celebrities and brands such as direct-to-consumer companies, Instagram influencers, and Rihanna are short-circuiting traditional routes to the market, talking directly to the community, and sending messages without the need for an intermediary.

These new dynamics, combined with faster and more sophisticated technologies, force all communicators to rethink how they do business and how they approach the end consumer.

Dexter added that it will also focus on “emotions and goals” as to how the new company interacts with both brands and consumers. She said so many consumers are looking for “hope, inspiration, guidance” — especially at times like this.

She added that she wants to work with brands and people to create and promote meaningful role models and projects, especially in the areas of beauty and wellness.

It’s a big moment in her career. Dexter said the co-founder of TCS has resisted three acquisitions in the last quarter century. She said the founding of ScienceMagic.Inc means “we can maintain independence and give us the opportunity to grow and build our business.”

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