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Teacher pay trails most of the region; governor has vowed to end the gap | Education – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-11-30 07:30:00 –

According to a new survey, the average teacher salary in Louisiana is 12th of the 16 southern states, and whether Governor John Bel Edwards promises to pay the regional average by the time he resigns in 2024. I have a question about.

Teachers here were paid an average of $ 51,566 during the 2019-20 academic year, according to a report from the Southern Regional Board of Education.

The regional average is $ 55,205.

According to the second half, the gap between the average wages of teachers in Louisiana and the average in the southern region has increased by 74% over the past year …

According to the report, the average for the United States is $ 64,133.

Edwards has repeatedly stated that he intends to raise teacher salaries to the regional average by the end of the second semester of January 2024.

The governor’s office did not respond to requests for comment.

The latest survey is conducted when the shortage of teachers in Louisiana and across the country is exacerbating.

The teacher shortage in Louisiana is exacerbated by increased retirement, a sharp drop in the number of new teachers, and increasingly difficult supervisors to carry out classroom work.

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Retirement and fewer vocational teachers have made it difficult for school leaders to fill classroom openings, as well as traditionally difficult to fill jobs in special education, mathematics, science, etc. increase.

Louisiana teacher salaries have risen $ 800 each year this year. This was twice the $ 400 salary increase originally proposed by Edwards.

According to the latest research, teachers here are paid more than teachers in the four states of Mississippi, Florida, Arkansas, and West Virginia.

Maryland is at the top of the list of 16 states with an average of $ 73,444.

Louisiana Public Schools Earn Over $ 4 Billion From Three Rounds of Federal Stimulation to Help Fight Coronavirus Infections …

Louisiana has received $ 4 billion from the federal government to address the learning losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

However, 90% of that money goes to the local school district and does not cover recurring expenses such as salaries.

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Teacher pay trails most of the region; governor has vowed to end the gap | Education Source link Teacher pay trails most of the region; governor has vowed to end the gap | Education

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