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Ore, KOIN — Newberg school district teachers plan to sue the school district’s board after the board bans all political signs, including the use of Black Lives Matter signs and pride flags. increase.

Chelsea Shots, It is listed As a teacher Dundee Elementary SchoolHas been filed by a lawyer with a tort allegation to notify the district school board and its directors, David Brown, Brian Shannon, Trevor DeHart, and Renee Powell.

Shotts will claim financial damages, injunctive relief, equity relief, and attorneys’ fees for claims not limited to: Violation of the First Amendment and Article 14 of the US Constitution. Violation of the Oregon Constitution. Violation of Oregon law prohibiting discrimination in education.

Shotts also aims to recover all costs and attorneys’ fees.

“Are known”

In early October, Shots was notified by Dundee Elementary School principal Reed Langdon that he had received a complaint from Michael G. Gunn about the exhibition in Shots’ room. The display was posted in the Shotts classroom window and featured a rainbow background and a heart shape.

The signs mentioned in the tort claim to notify the Newberg Board of Education and its members (evidence of a tort claim notice).

Langdon received a cancer complaint via an email forwarded to the district office, according to an email obtained by KOIN 6 News through a request for public records. The principal told Gunn that he had followed the board’s policy to evaluate the evidence and make a decision within 10 business days of receiving the complaint.

“After reviewing the evidence for this, we decided that this was not a political, quasi-political, or controversial indication,” Langdon said. “This is to honor the students and tell them that they are welcomed at Dundee Elementary School.”

However, alleged tort, Gunn disagreed with Langdon’s decision and forwarded the complaint to former Newberg director Joe Morelock and members of the Newberg Board of Education.Recent school board Dismissal Morelock from his point of view.

On October 18, Morelock said he had received a complaint from cancer and made a decision on October 29.

“I reviewed your complaint. I talked to Mr Langdon, and I also saw the sign of the problem myself,” Morelock said.

In an email, Morelock said the word “known” was also the tagline for George Fox University, a private Christian university.

The currently exiled director has decided that the sign should not be removed for the same reason Langdon pointed out in his review.

Complaints and firing

According to public records, the cancer complaint was subsequently forwarded to the school board, which Brown approved by email on 9 November and read it at the board of directors that same day.

“This is like the biggest gray area for me, because is there really a iridescent pattern on the pride flag? Shannon reviewed the complaint at the school board on November 9th. “I don’t think so,” he said. “My daughter always wears rainbow pajamas. This is difficult. I’m not going to lie.”

Shannon proposed to tabulate the motion, and Brown agreed that it would set a precedent for future decisions.

However, Brandy Penner, a member of the school board, disagreed with the motion to the table and demanded that the motion be decided that same night.

“So, if this is a rainbow, she said,’OK, the rainbow is no good,’ and next time it might be baby pink or baby blue,” she said, referring to the color of the transgender flag. “The problem with this is that it continues to be this process where nothing can be defined because it is literally a color.”

DeHart, Powell, Shannon and Brown later voted for Piros, Penner and Peña to vote against and submit a motion.

Later that night, in a 4 to 3 vote by the school board, Morelock was fired for no reason.

What led to the notification?

The notice mentions that the Newberg Board of Education passed the directive on August 10, and the Board told Joe Morelock, the current director of the Newberg School District, Black Lives on the school grounds. Instructed to remove the Matter and Pride symbols. The motion was passed with votes in favor of Brown, Shannon, Dehart and Powell.

This topic was re-discussed at a school board virtual meeting on September 1, but there were not enough votes to revoke the ban. A few days later, the Board’s policy committee met with the policy director of the Oregon Board of Education Association to consider adopting a sample policy, the tort claim notice said.

According to the document, the policy states: Poster, sign, flag, banner, photo, or other digital or physical image depicting support or opposition related to political, semi-political, or controversial topics. “

The tort notification sample policy defines political or quasi-political topics, including “modern issues being discussed in local, state, or national political situations.”

“When discussing policy language, Lewis said the term” controversial “could make enforcement” difficult. ” Morelock also said that the part of the policy that identifies “controversial topics” as “students on multiple aspects of the issue” could be “tasks for us to implement.” Stated.

After discussing the language, the Commission voted 2-1 and Shannon and Dehart voted in favor. According to the notice, the policy was queried to the entire board with two reads and one vote.

The board then conducted the first reading of the policy, and in late September, the board conducted a second reading and voted 4 to 3 to withdraw the directive and adopt the policy. Once again, the document stated that Brown, Shannon, Dehart and Powell voted in favor.

KOIN 6 News solicited comments from the Newberg Board of Education, individually nominated school board members, and Shotts, but did not respond by the deadline.

The Newberg School District administration has informed KOIN 6 News to refer to the Board of Education for comments on this alleged tort.

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