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Teacher welcomes students with positive signs – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Omaha, NebraskaKMTV) — Every morning, Zack Simon stands with a sign outside Northwest High School in Omaha, Nebraska.

“I called on each to take action. It wasn’t just a smile and a good mood, but I was asked to do something with the next person. How can I get them to take action? Can you do it, “said Dean Simon. Of Northwest High students.

Simon started the project as an assignment for the classes he was taking, while earning another master’s degree. He was challenged by instructors and they came up with a “pay it forward” activity. After reading Jon Gordon’s book, he says he was encouraged to share positiveness through leadership.

“He talks about everyone. The leader has leadership traits and gestures, and I wanted to help the kids and share their positivity. He talks about positive thinking as an option and I think It was a positive way of thinking and how much better it would be in the early morning, “Simon said.

He says he saw a reaction from the children almost immediately. On his first day, he challenged them to say “thank you”, and they did. Simple gestures were very helpful.

“Some were thanking me and noticed that they were starting a conversation. Some turned to the bus driver and thanked me before getting off the bus. The bus driver thanked me. He puts his thumbs up through the window and smiles behind the mask. ”

Kimberly Jackson, principal of Northwest High, says Simon’s challenge set an example every morning. She says it shed light on the staff as well as the students. She adds that having a leader like Simon is important for the Northwest.

“It’s an important time to make sure the day begins. Students come to us from different environments. To ensure we understand what we can expect as we walk through the door. We want to provide stability and consistency. Mr. Simon’s project in front of us starts the day on how we greet people in the right way. It’s just a great roadmap for the door, “said Jackson.

Simon expects to continue signing after the class is over.

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Teacher welcomes students with positive signs Source link Teacher welcomes students with positive signs

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