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Team preps New Year’s ball for OKC’s virtual Opening Night – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 2020-12-29 19:19:53 –

Oklahoma City () – In just a few days from 2021, you’re ready to raise the Oklahoma City New Year’s ball.

“We are moving the balls from the warehouse to the location of Chicasaw Ball Park,” said Opening Night Co-Chair Mark McBride.

A bunch of 4,000 lights of £ 4,000 is a staple of Oklahoma City.

“In Oklahoma City, unlike New York, we raise the ball into the air for a countdown,” said Opening Night Co-Chair Colby Wedell.

Glittering lights and giant disco balls feel familiar to most Oklahoma people, but the “Opening Night” looks very different.

This year’s events are all virtual.

“We initially started planning this as a face-to-face event, following all guidelines such as social distance, and then finally called for virtualization,” Wedel said.

Usually 40-60,000 people gather to watch balls, performances and fireworks shows, but this year the festival could reach even more spectators.

It will be live streamed all night on the Arts Council Facebook page and Youtube.

Performers like Edgar Cruz and Brave Amigos gain with Houpla Homa, Charles Burton Band, Latin Mojo Band, Joe Coober and Shawt Dawg.

Another new addition: You can see some of the behind-the-scenes efforts needed to host this event.

“There is a backstory of this family who have been fireworks here in the OKC area for over 30 years,” McBride said.

What is your ultimate goal? Say goodbye to 2020 safely from the comfort of our home.

“People are comfortable in their pajamas and can watch it on TV and spend time together,” Wedel said.

“I was excited to see the arrival of 2021 and hope it will be a better year than 2020!” McBride said.

Team preps New Year’s ball for OKC’s virtual Opening Night Source link Team preps New Year’s ball for OKC’s virtual Opening Night

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