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Riverside, California 2021-07-25 00:44:04 –

Swimmer Chase Kalisz won the first American medal at the Tokyo Olympics when he won the gold medal in the men’s 400-meter individual medley.

Washington — The first full day of the postponed competition Tokyo Olympics It was held on Saturday. The Olympics are held one year behind and under strict restrictions. coronavirus Pandemic

A variety of sports began on Saturday, including the latest sports surfing and skateboarding.

The breakdown of the top events that I missed is as follows.

Team USA’s first gold, silver and bronze medals

Chase Kalisz won the first American medal at the Tokyo Olympics and won the gold medal on Sunday in the men’s 400-meter individual medley.

Jay Litherland achieved a 1-2 finish for the US powerhouse team to win a silver medal on the freestyle leg. Brendon Smith of Australia claimed bronze.

Former training partner Kalisz, the protagonist of the Olympic great Michael Phelps, first touched at 4 minutes 9.42 seconds.

The next Litherland was 4: 10.28, just before Smith (4: 10.38).

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Tunisia’s Ahmed Hafnaui was a surprise winner in the men’s 400-meter freestyle at the Tokyo Olympics after having barely made it to the finals. Australia’s Jack McLoughlin won the silver medal after leading most of the race, and Keylance Smith won another Olympic medal for the Americans.

Yui Ohashi of the host country Japan won the women’s 400m individual medley. The United States continued to accumulate medals, with Emma Weyant winning the silver medal and Hali Flickinger winning the bronze medal.

And Australian women dominated with 4×100 meter freestyle relays. Canada won the silver medal and the United States won the bronze medal.

Women’s beach volleyball

Americans April Ross and Alix Klineman hit China in the opening round of the Olympics.

Ross has made his third appearance in the Summer Olympics with a third different partner. She has already won silver and bronze medals. Kleinman is making his Olympic debut. They are one of Tokyo’s gold medal favorites.

The Americans won the first set 21-17, then Xue Chen and Wang Xinxin 21-19.

Ross and Kleinman will face Spain on Tuesday.

Jake Give and Triboon’s American men’s team will play their first match on Sunday night. Bourne became a late agent after Gibb’s first partner, the Tailor Club, tested positive for COVID-19 when he arrived in Japan. They will face Italy.

American men’s gymnasts advance, Japanese stars fall

American Brody Malone and three-time Olympic athlete Sam Mikulak advanced to the finals of US champion US Mikulak, who finished 14th and 11th.

The United States also participated in the team final on Monday.

The Olympic career of two-time Olympic champion Kohei Uchimura is over. A 32-year-old Japanese gymnast, recognized by many as the best player ever Fell during qualifying on the horizontal bar I will not advance to the final of the event.

connection: Japan soars to the gymnastics lead.Current champion Uchimura

Women’s football dominates New Zealand

After a spectacular defeat in the opening round, the US women’s soccer team vowed to be ruthless against New Zealand.

And they rebounded a lot.

Americans cruised on Route 6-1 in New Zealand in front of Mrs. Jill Biden at the Tokyo Olympics on Saturday.

“Sweden was a very good team, and we didn’t do our best, and when you do it against your top opponents, they will punish you. So it’s our best It wasn’t a performance of the team, “said Crystal Dan. “I think I entered Game 2 knowing that I wasn’t really a great team two days ago and I’m not going to be a great team anymore.”

connection: USA defeats New Zealand 6-1 and rebounds from opening loss

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Team USA brings home first gold, silver and bronze medals Source link Team USA brings home first gold, silver and bronze medals

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