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Wichita, Kansas 2021-09-24 20:19:05 –

Wichita, Kang (KSNW) – A significant increase in youth violence raises concerns between Wichita police and community leaders. This is what police call a shootout between two cars that began on the 13th and near Oliver, and comes after a teenager is shot.

Azuri Jones, a 16-year-old victim, was in a car with two other teenagers, police said. They took her to the hospital, where she died. Police arrested three suspects not far from the Wichita region. They also say that the two groups knew each other.

The Jones family is now preparing to fill her, and more.

“They lost their son and daughter within a few days. What if it didn’t shake the community?” Heavenly Gates funeral minister Odel Harris Jr. wondered.

Rev. Harris is preparing for a funeral for Jones and her brother, Christian Willis. Christian Willis also died in gun violence in Lawrence earlier this month.

“How many more kids? 16-year-old girl, 21-year-old son. How many more? When is it enough? Does it have to be your family? Do I have to be a daughter?” Harris passionately Said.

Wichita police are seeing a surge in murders involving teens. So far in 2021, there were nine, more than double what was seen at this time in 2020. “Gordon Ramsay, police chief of Wichita, said.

Over the past five years, Wichita has had an average of three murders per year involving teenagers as victims, suspects, or arrests. So far, 2021 is 200 percent above that average.

“We can say that more guns are available to young people than we have seen in our careers,” said Ramsey.

WPD has created a juvenile intervention unit to connect children on the fence of violent roads to resources.

While that is the goal, Prime Minister Ramsey said, “We need to be more aware of the resource shortages we face and the lack of support for these young people who are struggling in life.” ..

Ramsey believes this is a community issue.

One of Wichita’s supporters is making door-to-door canvassing to encourage local teens to focus their energy on something positive. He is about to become the support system he said he wasn’t growing up. He said that too many teens are dying and need to do more.

“It’s an unaddressed issue,” Mason said.

Tracey C. Mason Sr. is the founder and owner of Wichita’s CHD Boxing. He believes there should be more anger about violence among teens.

“You can pack as much as you like, but sooner or later you have to push it in and you have a lot of stuffing now, so what if an explosion happens?” Mason said.

Mason, who spent his time in jail, said he didn’t want the same for young people today. He believes he can change the course of their future by showing teens that someone cares about their lives.

“They don’t know they can be lawyers, judges and senators, they just think they can make money,” Mason said.

Mason said more funding for mental health resources, direct access to teens, and elimination of violent music and entertainment could make a difference in the lives of young adults.

Teen Violence on the rise in Wichita – Advocates push for change Source link Teen Violence on the rise in Wichita – Advocates push for change

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