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Tehachapi — Citing the need to address the national crisis of recruiting new police officers and retaining staff already, Tehachapi police chief Kent Chloeger sacrificed the city on Monday, including various incentives to the city council. Asked to approve a recruitment program that could be $ 80,500.

The council responded enthusiastically and voted 5-0 to approve the program.

“We have to do this,” said Councilor Susan Wiggins, following the chief’s presentation. “At least you have to be competitive, because without a recruitment program, no one will come.”

According to a staff report provided by the chief, the department currently has two vacant police officer positions, and he will need to add four police officers and one police officer over the next five years. Is expecting. The financial impact of the program is based on these estimates and is subject to change as additional employees leave the department.


The chief said the cost of training new employees is much higher than hiring experienced officers from other jurisdictions (lateral transfers). For this reason, he recommended providing a $ 10,000 signing incentive to side police officers who successfully completed the recruitment process (including background checks, psychological and physical examinations). The incentive is paid in 2 years. That is, $ 5,000 for the first full payment period of employment, $ 2,500 for the first full payment period after the probationary period, and $ 2,500 for the first full payment period after two years of work.

Another incentive for side police officers is a 40-hour vacation credit at hire.

To qualify for lateral employment, the applicant must be employed as a police officer in California or outside California, but must have a California POST Basic Course Exemption Certificate. They also possess a basic certificate issued by the California Peace Officer Standards Training Commission (POST), possess and maintain firearm qualifications, and possess or have a valid California driver’s license by the time of appointment. You need to get it.

Earlier, the chief said the department had established a new classification of “police officer trainees.” This classification can be used to attract entry-level applicants, and applicants who have completed the recruitment process can submit through the California POST Basic Academy course.

The recruitment program approved by the Council includes a $ 5,000 signing incentive for this category. Candidates who successfully complete the recruitment process and accept an offer for employment will receive a $ 2,000 signing incentive for the first full payment period after graduating from the Police Academy, $ 1,500 for the first full payment period after employment, and an additional 1,500. Dollars will be paid. The first full payment period after completing two years of work in the department.

Employee introduction

Mr. Kroger said the traditional “pipeline” for law enforcement careers, including police families and military individuals, is declining. For this reason, he wants to encourage “all officers and professional staff in the department” to hire new officers.

He said he believes that police work is the greatest profession in the world and that Tehachapi is the best place to work. With this in mind, he wants to encourage existing employees to engage in active recruitment activities.

Under a plan approved by the council, existing employees in the city who successfully complete the employment process and introduce side police officers who accept employment offers will be 1,500 in the initial full employment period of the new employee. You will receive dollars.

Employees who introduce potential police trainees will receive the same bonus ($ 1,500) during the first full payment period after the new police officer graduates from the Academy.

Claudia Elliott is a freelance journalist and former editor of Tehachapi News. She lives in Tehachapi and can be contacted by her email:

Tehachapi City Council agrees to incentives to help recruit, retain police officers | News Source link Tehachapi City Council agrees to incentives to help recruit, retain police officers | News

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