Tell us: You know you’re an Atlantan when… – Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia 2021-09-16 21:14:59 –

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You know you are an Atlantan …

  • You try not to be too emotionally obsessed with your local sports team
  • You know that 6 o’clock means it’s time for Greg Street to sway
  • It’s spring, and somehow your car got a new coat of yellow paint overnight
  • You broke the relationship with someone who says “Hotlanta”

We want to hear from you: what makes you an Atlantan? What is your experience connecting us as a city other than being stuck in a downtown connector for hours? What are some of the things you can understand, whether only Atlantans have lived here for two months or 20 years, whether Grady Babies or newcomers? Your answer can be interesting and serious, whatever hits you (and yes, they can be about traffic).

Please send the following answer November 13.. We will feature our favorites in future issues of the magazine.

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