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Florence, South Carolina 2021-07-21 17:25:43 –

Our weather keeps warm until the weekend. Tonight’s sky is partially cloudy, with cold temperatures in the 70’s, warm and sultry. Tomorrow’s weak fronts will continue to push drier air into Carolina, limiting our chances of rain. Weak turbulence on Friday can result in scattered thunderstorms, after which high pressure provides ample sunlight over the weekend. With more sunshine, temperatures return to normal, with highs in the 80s along the Grand Strand and lows in the 90s inland. Next week the high pressure will increase and it will get hot. The high temperatures warmed up in the mid-’90s off the coast and will begin next week. Thunderstorm hits or mistakes occur as the afternoon heats up.

Tonight is cloudy, warm and sultry in some places. Inland 70, beach 74.

Tomorrow, it will be sunny, warm, humid and thunderstorms in some places. High 92 inland, 88 beaches.

On Fridays, it is partially sunny, warm and humid, with scattered thunderstorms. High price 85-90.

Temperatures returning to normal | WBTW Source link Temperatures returning to normal | WBTW

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