Temps get turned up even more, relief in sight – Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas 2021-06-16 07:19:16 –

Today, the area continues to have a high fever. The dew point is tolerable and the air doesn’t feel that heavy, but it gets very warm in the mid-to-first half of the 90’s and three digits. Some areas north and west have the best shots by hitting the mark of the century.

The sky remains bright, so there is almost no cloud cover. A cold front can be seen to the northwest, which will shake our atmosphere a little. Most of us remain dry, but there can be evening rains and storms in the northwest.

It will start similar to Thursday, but will be mostly sunny to partially cloudy, with lowest temperatures in the 1960s and 1970s.

Winds get stronger and can sometimes be gusts, but breeze doesn’t help much to provide relaxation, it just blows away the heat. Expect more cities to reach three digits.

The north front is slow to approach and sometimes even stalls. In other words, the release from the heat progresses slowly. Next week will be the 90’s on weekends, until the 80’s even more significantly.

A shower or storm can occur northwest on Thursday night as the front slowly sinks south.

Most of the rain will clear up by the beginning of Friday and then start over. Wobbled fronts can cause some storms late Friday. One or two in the northeast may be tough because they are strong. Gusts and hail are the main threats.

There may be more regular storms from the weekend to the beginning of next week. In the middle of the week, it looks like the furnace could go back to the 90’s.

Temps get turned up even more, relief in sight Source link Temps get turned up even more, relief in sight

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