Ten months later, Iowa Democrats blame Kuomintang for a meltdown of caucuses

Saturday’s Democratic Party of Iowa blames the Democratic National Committee for the meltdown as the Iowa presidential rally is at greater risk than ever after the disastrous consequences of February were delayed by a few days. I tried to move it.

More than 10 months after the blunder hurt Iowa’s first nomination contest in the country, parties claim that the domestic party interfered, delayed the development of an app to report results, and implemented coding errors. We distributed a ferocious internal report We needed that back-end results reporting system and new data that would make the process even more complicated.

A new sniper between Iowa’s Democrats and the Nationalist Party has come at a crucial time for the future of Iowa’s standing at the beginning of the presidential nominations. Caucus is an important tradition for Iowa, but more and more Democrats say it is outdated and undemocratic.

At the heart of the 26-page Iowa report blames the DNC for delaying the results of the caucuses night. The National Party said it requested a new tool for real-time results weeks before the caucuses on February 3. According to the report, the new tool contains coding errors with inaccurate results, with former Mayor Pete Butigeg of South Bend, Indiana and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont finishing the virtual tie in first place. I was a few days late.

“If the DNC’s database conversion tools didn’t work properly, the DNC accidentally stopped reporting the results by the IDP, disrupting the entire IDP’s planned reporting process,” the report said. “If the DNC had not intervened in the results reporting process based on incorrect data transformations, the night of the caucuses could have proceeded according to the IDP’s original plans.”

Iowa’s first position in the country was at stake even before the 2020 disaster.

Black and Hispanic Democrats argued that the 90% white population did not adequately represent the increasingly diversified political parties. Caucus itself often requires people to attend directly for hours and navigate the rules of the labyrinth, but critics say it is less democratic than the primary. And the party’s internal record keeping from the caucuses site proved unsightly for the second presidential election.

“The caucuses themselves are an anti-democratic relic that we must eliminate,” said the former U.S. residential city, which was most vocal in attacking Iowa’s early position as presidential candidate for 2020. Development Secretary Julian Castro said on Saturday. “But it must also be a priority for the next Democratic National Committee chair to rearrange the primaries to reflect the diversity and values ​​of the party. Iowa and New Hampshire are great places. But you shouldn’t go first anymore. “

Democrats of Iowa no longer have an ally to lead their party in Washington. Barack Obama won a surprising victory at the 2008 Iowa Caucus, but Presidential Election Joseph R. Biden Jr. did not build a strong Iowa organization of top rivals at the 2020 Caucus. After the final announcement, he finished in 4th place far away.

Mr. Biden will elect the next DNC ​​leader as president. He hasn’t revealed his choice yet, but the party began a review in the summer of the presidential nomination tournament, hoping to “improve the nomination process in 2024.”

The DNC refused to participate in the Iowa Democratic Party report. Commission spokesman David Bergstein said DNC’s involvement in the setting of caucuses was verified by a series of errors in the results reporting process.

“The underlying technical problem was caused by an error from an IDP vendor,” he said, referring to the tech company that built the Caucus results reporting app for smartphones.

has found that more than 100 Iowa Caucus districts report results that are internally inconsistent or lacking data.

Iowa has long maintained its position at the beginning of the nomination calendar by working with the early states of New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada, but for several months these alliances. There were signs that Iowa had collapsed.

Former Senate leader Harry Reid, who remains the functional leader of the Nevada Democratic Party, called for the end of all Democratic presidential caucuses in February. Former South Carolina Democratic Party chairman Jamie Harrison, a leading candidate for the National Party, declined on Saturday whether Iowa should maintain its first position in the country.

There are no signs that the Republicans will replace Iowa at the forefront of the 2024 presidential nominations.

Of the ten important “takeaways” of fact sheets distributed to members of the Iowa Democratic Party, six condemn the DNC on the night issue of caucuses.

The report, produced by former Iowa Attorney General Bonnie Campbell and former Iowa Supreme Prosecutor Nick Kleinfeld, also failed to predict the problem in the night’s “boiler room” of the Iowa Democratic Caucus. I’m blaming that. There is not enough training and there are too few phone lines to receive the results. Of the 1,765 constituencies, 439 succeeded in sending results via the party’s smartphone app, and the constituency leader tried to make a call instead, blocking the phone line.

Troy Price, who oversaw the caucuses as chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party, resigned a week later.

In February, the New York Times said an Iowa employee in charge of the boiler room didn’t know how to use the Google Sheets application that the Iowa Democratic Party used to enter data when the results reporting app failed. I reported.

The report also criticized reporters for calling county officials and caucuses night headquarters for information when results were not published.

“The media indirectly disrupted the results reporting process by contacting the county chairman directly for information, calling the boiler room hotline, and detaining an already busy telephone bank,” the report said. Says.

Ten months later, Iowa Democrats blame Kuomintang for a meltdown of caucuses

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