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Brentwood, TN (WTVF) — Physicians’ emergency treatment runs out of last dose of antibody treatment on Friday, and managers only delay getting help from new distribution plans to those who need it most. I’m worried.

Call volume went from 6,000 to over 17,000 last month alone, and administrator Jodi Strock states that many of these calls are aimed at people seeking monoclonal antibody therapy. They have been treated since April, but it wasn’t until July that the sudden surge in patients forced them to change.

Strock hired more nurses and staff to answer the phone. They cleaned up their meeting room to make space for three patients at a time. They managed 100 treatments each week and ordered as many as needed.

“These people are sick. I really really mean sick. They come from time to time and their oxygen statistics are less than 90. They hospitalize you at that point. So we I tried to keep a lot of people out of the hospital, “said Strock.

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The refrigerator, which is usually full, has been reduced to several times, which only lasts until Friday.

They are probably the only facility in Williamson County where you can get infusions, which is part of the reason why so many people turned to their services. Strock says the delta variant makes people sick and contains patients who are much younger than they have seen in the past.

Treatment is not considered a treatment, but can be thought of as dramatically boosting the immune system. Antibodies help repel infections better. You are eligible for treatment from the 4th to the 10th day after infection. According to Strock, most patients feel better in 24-48 hours.

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Patients can receive antibody treatment through infusions or a series of shots.

I met when Michael Johnson was being treated. Upon leaving the clinic, he said he was already feeling better with the drip. What he didn’t know was that he might be the last one to be treated in the county.

“I never knew. I almost cried when she told me that,” Johnson said.

Johnson says he wasn’t vaccinated, but he wasn’t too skeptical about this treatment because he was already ill. The most frustrating thing about him is knowing that his wife may not have the opportunity to receive the same treatment because of a new ration plan from the federal level.

“They insist on getting experimental treatment when you’re fine, and want to withhold experimental treatment when you get sick. That doesn’t create trust,” Johnson said. Told.

It’s a pain for Strock, who says he’s already alienating dozens of people who are going to get treatment next week.

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare states: “Each state and territory determines the amount of products they receive each week. The state and territory health departments then identify the states and their amounts to receive the products.”

They found that seven states, Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama, and Texas, accounted for at least 70% of orders in early September.

Each of these states ranks in the lower half of the country in terms of vaccination coverage and, in most cases, refuses to impose state-wide mask mandates.

The Biden administration is working to accelerate the production of therapeutics from 100,000 to 150,000 times a week. So far, the United States has purchased 3 million doses from Regeneron, but Strock says it’s still in the dark when it reaches Tennessee.

She urges HHS to focus on helping to overcome the political barriers that are in the way and ease the burden on our hospitals. Strock says she and her staff are driving vaccinations, but they are always there no matter who needs treatment.

“We feel that our role is to keep people away from the hospital right now. That’s what we have to do,” Strock said.

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