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Nashville, Tennessee (WTVF) — Polls conducted by Vanderbilt University show that Tennessees are proud to be Americans, but disagree on major social issues. The 2020 presidential election was “stolen.”

The Vanderbilt University Center for Democratic Institutional Studies (CSDI) surveyed 1,000 residents of Tennessee from May 3 to 20, 2021. Click here for results and methods..

Tennessee Government Priority

Respondents were asked about a variety of topics that they would like the Tennessee Government to prioritize.

As more COVID-19 vaccines are distributed and national masking and social restrictions are relaxed, Vanderbilt is making Tennessee-registered Republicans and independents more predominantly economic priorities. , Registered Democrats felt that the state government wanted to focus on COVID-19.

Overall, 74% of Republican supporters and 48% of independent supporters agreed with the statement that the pandemic “is almost over and should return to its original state,” but only 14% of Democratic supporters.

On the topic of the COVID-19 vaccine, more than one-third, 37%, and 30% of independents of Republicans say they have no plans to vaccinate. Only 5% of Democratic supporters said this. 60% of Republican supporters, 94% of Democratic supporters, and 66% of independents say they already have one or plan to acquire one.

Americans and Tennessee Pride

Researchers have found important signs of state-wide unity between Democrats and Republicans: Republicans pride as Americans and Tennessees and perpetuate with those on the other side of the political avenue. The strength of the friendship was mainly expressed.

When asked if they were on good terms with the other party, the overwhelming majority answered that they were on good terms. Less than a quarter of respondents said they lost friendships and other relationships due to political differences.

When asked if the Tennessees were united on the most pressing issues facing the state, polls found that 60% of Republicans, 24% of Democrats, and 37% of independents were almost or to some extent united. But when asked the same question about whether Americans are united, only 13% of Republicans, 11% of Democrats, and 6% of independents are almost or to some extent united. I feel like I am.

“We have always been a divided nation, and certainly now more divided than usual, but most people are united when it comes to essential values ​​such as maintaining American identity and friendship. So there are some optimistic reasons, “said John Gear, co-director of the Vanderbild poll.” This kind of social connection is fundamental in many ways. “

2020 presidential election

When asked about the 2020 US presidential election, many respondents said they remained vigilant about the outcome. Despite the election results being proven by all states and territories, the majority of Republicans agreed with the statement that “Joe Biden stole the 2020 presidential election,” said Joe Biden. Only 21% said they agreed with the statement, “We won the 2020 presidential election.” “

For other parties, 65% of independents and 97% of Democrats said they agreed that Joe Biden had won the election fairly, but 30% of independents and only 5% of Democrats had their elections stolen. I answered that I agreed.

“This is an amazing number, and the majority of political parties feel that other parties are illegal, despite the lack of evidence. The questions in this survey have so far been relevant to American politics. In the future, it will continue to be a concern in assessing how this will affect future elections across the country, “said Professor Josh Clinton of Political Science.

Tennesseans divided on social, cultural issues but united in their pride as Americans Source link Tennesseans divided on social, cultural issues but united in their pride as Americans

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