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Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee 2021-12-04 01:06:23 –

Madison Hilnesen

This week, the Tennessee State Auditor’s Office has suspended all exemptions that allow businesses, government agencies, schools and other employers to impose COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of receiving federal funding.

The decision announced by Comptroller Jason E. Mompower on Wednesday came after federal judges in Kentucky and Louisiana issued a provisional injunction on Tuesday. again, Clean up the bill Signed by Governor Bill Lee on 12 November, it states that government agencies cannot require private companies to establish COVID-19 obligations.

A district judge in the eastern part of Kentucky issued a temporary injunction on Tuesday prohibiting the federal government from imposing vaccination obligations on federal contractors in Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee. Under this ruling, the Comptroller said, “Compliance with Public Chapter 6 is no longer found to lead to the loss of federal funds.”

On the same day, a district judge in the Western District of Louisiana issued a national provisional injunction restricting the federal government from implementing the Medicare & Medicaid Vaccine Center obligations on certain health care workers. The Comptroller’s Office said Wednesday that it had given Medicare and Medicaid providers tax exemptions, which are currently suspended.

According to a news release, the office has issued 69 exemptions since the governor’s bill came into effect on November 12.

“It is important to note that these tax exemptions may be reinstated if the injunction is lifted, which is legally permissible,” Mumpower wrote in a news release. “The Comptroller’s Office will continue to accept and process tax exemption notices during this period, but tax exemptions will not be granted unless legally permitted.”

Republican Speaker Cameron Sexton praised the decision of the Comptroller twitter Wednesday.

“thank you very much [Comptroller’s Office] For protecting the rights of Tennessees by suspending all federal exemptions based on yesterday’s federal court ruling. “

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