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Nashville, Tennessee (WSMV)-When the warm climate arrives in central Tennessee, you can see copperhead snakes in the gardens and walkways.

Some experts suggest that these snakes will have a larger food source this year.

Nick Hanna is a herpetologist at the Nashville Zoo. He says the pit viper likes to hang around forests and rocks at this time of the year.

“The best thing is to just leave them alone and let them go along the way,” he said. “We found that snakes became more active than usual that year because we tend to have warmer springs than usual, and people may see them sooner than expected.”

He says snakes are usually out from now until November, but this year snakes will eat something special.

The reappearance of Brood X cicadas is part of Copperhead’s food supply.

“This year’s increase in cicadas is a food source, but it doesn’t necessarily cause population growth,” Hannah said.

Kathryn Williams, who lives in Nashville, says he has never seen a copper head, but knows he is on the lookout.

“We like to go boating on the Harpeth River and play in the streams near our house. We saw water snakes, but not copperhead snakes,” she said. “But they are at this time, so I know I’ll take care of them.”

To keep these snakes away, Hannah says she will reduce the clutter around your home.

“Usually what we say to homeowners is to keep the garden free of debris and fallen branches,” he said. “Sooner or later, take care of them, you know, keep a large pile of leaves and heavy brushes clean in your yard, and it discourages snakes from wanting to be there. Probably. “

Tennessee copperheads could snack on Brood X cicadas | News Source link Tennessee copperheads could snack on Brood X cicadas | News

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