Tennessee Educators Marched Against Critical Race Theory Ban Last Weekend; Event Organized by Black Lives Matter – Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee

Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee 2021-06-17 01:06:36 –

About 50 Tennessee Educators Last Weekend Marched Through Memphis to oppose the state’s new ban on critical racing theory on the “Downtown Solidarity Walk in Memphis”. Educators gathered at the place where the historic slave market, run by the Confederate General and the Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard Nathan Bedford Forrest, once stood, and then of the Friedman School’s historic and Memphis slaughter markers. I walked by and ended up at the National Civil Rights Museum.

The march was part of a national commitment called “Day of Action.”The effort was organized by Black Lives Matter at school (BLM), All UN standing with loose ties to the original BLM, and Gin Education Project, This provides a supplemental curriculum for a “more accurate, complex, and engaging” version of American history. Some of these sources include information on 1619 projects, reparations, environmental racism, and anti-racism.

The Zinn Education Project argued that the ban on critical racing theory requires teachers to “lie to their students about the role of racism, sexism, heterosexuality, and oppression in American history.”

information Offer During the march, he argued that the ban on critical racial theory was ambiguous and that teaching about historical events such as black Lynch was forbidden.

The law uses ambiguous language to prohibit teachers from talking about racial / social privilege and responsibility for the effects of historical oppression in class. This prohibits teachers from including material that makes individuals feel “uncomfortable” when learning about race or gender in American history. Unfortunately, much of American history is unpleasant. But even if that really happens, we should never lie to our students to keep them comforted by the truth. The vague undefined words of the law make it even more problematic. […] [I]Teachers should not prioritize historical facts and heritage, but, whatever that means, relax state regulations that ban divided history.

The new law, which effectively bans critical racing theory, does not discuss emotions. Instead, it outlines certain conclusions that educators should not teach students. These are reproduced below.

  1. One race or gender is essentially superior to another.
  2. An individual, whether conscious or unconscious, is inherently privileged, racist, sexist, or oppressive, depending on its virtues or the race or gender of the individual.
  3. Individuals must be discriminated against or disadvantaged because of their race or gender.
  4. The moral character of an individual is determined by the race or gender of the individual.
  5. An individual is responsible for past actions taken by other members of the same race or gender, depending on virtue or individual race or gender.
  6. An individual must experience discomfort, guilt, distress, or another form of psychological distress, simply because of the individual’s race or gender.
  7. Meritocracy is essentially racist or sexist, or is designed to suppress members of another race or gender by one race or gender.
  8. This state or the United States is a basic or irreparable racist or sexist.
  9. Promote or defend the violent overthrow of the US government.
  10. Promote division or resentment between race, gender, religion, creed, nonviolent political parties, social classes, or classes of people.
  11. Attributing personality traits, values, moral or ethical norms, privileges, or beliefs to an individual for race or gender, or for an individual’s race or gender.
  12. There is no rule of law, but instead a series of power relationships and struggles between races or other groups.
  13. Not all Americans are created equally, and not all Americans are endowed with certain inviolable rights such as life, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness by the Creator.Or
  14. The government must deny equal protection of the law to all who have government jurisdiction[.]

Tennessee Board of Education Penny Schwinn promised Further educator guidance on the ban will be published by August 1.

The educator was also instructed to sign I swear to teach the truthFocused on its commitment to providing social justice-oriented education. Participants are hashtags “#TeachTruthDocument your steps in solidarity on social media.

“We continue our commitment to develop critical thinking that helps students better understand the problems of our society and to develop collective solutions to those problems. Read the pledge. “We are to truly convey and uplift the power of organization and solidarity that drives us towards a more just society.”

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Tennessee Educators Marched Against Critical Race Theory Ban Last Weekend; Event Organized by Black Lives Matter Source link Tennessee Educators Marched Against Critical Race Theory Ban Last Weekend; Event Organized by Black Lives Matter

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