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Christa Pike

The rhythm of regular executions in Tennessee was interrupted by a coronavirus pandemic in 2020, stopping the revival of the state’s death penalty. Nick Sutton was executed last FebruaryThe four executions scheduled for the rest of the year have been suspended by a pandemic by the Tennessee Supreme Court or Governor Billley. However, the process of bringing convict on death row closer to the execution chamber did not stop completely.

On August 27, the Tennessee Justice Secretary Herbert Slateley’s office called on the Tennessee Supreme Court to set an execution date for Christa Pike, the only woman on death row in Tennessee. The lawyers were granted a series of extensions by the court and were given more time to answer their allegations as to why Pike should not be killed. Initially, Pike’s lawyers were at the time. Among the executions carried out by President Donald Trump’s Department of Justice, one of them represented a person facing the execution of a federal condemned prisoner, so he sought more time. He did not object to the extension, but the final extension was granted on March 5. However, on Monday, Pike’s lawyer filed an allegation against setting an execution date. This submission reveals how the court can decide on this issue, and if Pike is dated, Tennessee will execute the woman for the first time in about 200 years. Since the so-called modern death penalty in 1976. Only 17 women have been executed by the state or federal governments.

Tennessee came within a few months of executing a woman more than a decade ago. Gail Owens It had been Death sentence He hired a hitman to kill his brutally abusive husband. However, as Owens’ execution date approached September 28, 2010, well-known Nashvilians and supporters from all over the country gathered behind her to call for her life to be saved. July 2010, the government at that time. Phil Bredesen commuted her sentence. She was released on parole a year and a little later.Owens Died in 2019 At the age of 67.

Pike was sentenced to death in 1996 for murdering Colleen Slemmer while the two were participating in a youth vocational training program in Knoxville. Pike was 18 at the time and reportedly came to believe that 19-year-old Slemmer was trying to steal his boyfriend, then 17-year-old Tadaril Ship. The killings were horrifying. A third teenager, Ship, Pike, and Shadowra Peterson, invited Slemmer into a secluded forest. According to court documents, they tortured Slemmer, and after she tried to escape, cut with a utility knife, cut with a butcher knife, and finally beat her head with a mass of asphalt. According to court documents. Pike kept part of Slemmer’s skull, but later discovered by police in her jacket pocket. The murder was of a particular kind of brutal attraction reserved for a murder performed by a woman. Subjected and has continued for many years. In addition, Pike and Ship are said to have been involved in demon worship, and Slemmer’s body was found with a five-gram star engraved on his chest. ..

Pike, now 45, was 19 when convicted and was one of the youngest women sentenced to death. In the 25 years since she was convicted, she has been headlined in the news more than once. In 2004, she was convicted of a first-class attempted murder for trying to strangle another imprisoned woman, Patricia Jones, with little success. In 2012, authorities announced that they had arrested two men, one of whom was a former prison guard, for being involved in a plan to escape with Pike.

However, Pike’s lawyer states that the young woman who committed her violent crime, like many of Tennessee’s convict on death row, is the product of abuse and mental illness.

“Pike had a terrifying childhood before he was arrested at the age of 18,” Pike’s lawyer wrote in his filings. “She had brain damage before she was born, and from an early age she endured abuse, neglect, and repeated rapes and suffered from severe mental illness.”

According to them, Pike’s mother was alcoholic and drank heavily in her stomach with Pike. Later, her romantic partner physically and sexually abused the girl, they wrote. According to the filings, she was raped at least twice, including once in her teens. A few years later, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The submission also emphasizes the youthfulness of Pike at the time of the murder and the arbitrary arbitrary arbitrary nature of her judgment compared to others who participated in the murder. Similarly, Pike would not have been eligible for the death penalty.

“Mr. Ship was 17 years old when Slemmer died,” her lawyer wrote. “Christa Pike was 18 years old. The difference between the death penalty in 2028 and the eligibility for parole. The difference cannot be equated with increased maturity or brain development.”

If her history of Pike abuse and mental illness resembles the majority of people on death row, her lawyer argues that the court should give special consideration to her uniqueness.

“The Attorney General has asked the court to instruct the Tennessee Corrections Bureau to take special action,” they wrote. “TDOC officials need to execute a teenager with severe mental illness, brain damage and trauma who committed a terrible crime. Crysta was executed in Tennessee for the first time in more than 200 years. The first woman, the first teenage female criminal executed in Tennessee since the death penalty was found unconstitutional in 1972, and the only teenage female criminal in the United States. ..

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