Tennessee man accused of being ‘zip tie guy’ held without bond – Tampa, Florida

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Nashville, Tennessee — A former Nashville bartender who was seen holding a cable tie among a crowd of people who invaded the US Capitol last week remained in custody until the next hearing on January 19. Will be.

This was the first step towards a criminal charge of 30-year-old Eric Manchel.

At a hearing on Monday, a federal judge ordered residents of Nashville to be detained unsecured until further hearings, according to Fox News and The Tennesssea newspapers.

FBI special agents arrested Manchel on Sunday afternoon-five days after they said he was part of a violent mob that raided the US Capitol. Newschannel5 has obtained a copy of the criminal affidavit detailing the complaint.


Eric Gaberek Manchel
Photo from MNPD

The agent was able to link Manchel to a masked intruder filmed in the Senate Gallery. He was photographed with his right-hand weapon holding a zip tie restraint, such as that used to take prisoners.

On his head is a black rifle coffee cap. On his chest is a Tennessee patch with a thin blue line used to show police assistance.

Eric Manchel

Getty Images / FBI

Eric Manchel in an attack on the US Capitol. Photo provided by the FBI.

Much of the evidence cited by the FBI was first discovered by Internet detectives who were already focused on Munchel.

Agents say he went to Washington, DC with a Florida woman named Lisa Eisenhart. Eisenhart told a London newspaper that she was Manchel’s mother.

Live-streamed video shows a pair enjoying a drink after a riot in a hotel lobby in Washington. Manchel still wears a camouflage and an empty holster on his waist.

“It’s just a taser, but the police came and robbed me of it,” he said in the video. “They didn’t like it for tonight. They said I couldn’t carry a taser.”

Eric Manchel FB photo.jpg

Eric Manchel

Eric Manchel

The Manchel woman has not yet been arrested. However, a federal judge today notified Manchel of two felony charges against him for violent invasion and chaotic conduct.

Manchel is believed to have worked as a bartender in downtown Kid Rocks until he moved from Florida to Nashville over a year ago and was fired three months ago in violation of company policy.

His Facebook page (recently deleted) shows an image like him posing with President Trump with a gun on TV, with a black rifle coffee ball cap in the background.

Authorities claim that there is little doubt that Munchin participated in the riots.

The story was first published by Nick Beres at WTVF in Nashville, Tennessee.

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