Tennessee man drives 14 hours to donate food, supplies to those in need in Texas – Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida 2021-02-22 23:34:05 –

Killeen, Texas — A 14-hour drive from Murfreesboro, Tennessee to Killeen didn’t seem like anything to Chris Wieland to help Texas struggle. TikToker..

“I started seeing a lot of people here in the Killeen area about what they were experiencing without doing anything,” he said. “So I contacted my followers on Tiktok.”

All 98,000 of them.

In summary, his audience raised over $ 7,000 in just two days.

Initially, Mr Wieland said he was expecting hundreds of dollars. A Tennessee man raised over $ 4,000 in the first six hours.

“All I did was drive something like this,” he explained. “It was all the people at TikTok who made this all happen.”

His followers are spread all over the country, from which several people are at home.

In fact, when Sherry Schilling saw him in town, she rode a Harley-Davidson bike and drove to the Killeen Special Event Center. So Wieland just greeted and hugged him.

“Chris is undoubtedly blessing the people here who are getting the help he is offering,” Schilling said. “It’s really great to use TikTok to raise money from his followers … to receive donations to help the community in need.”

The money he and his platform raised bought PVC pipes, milk, eggs, bread, water and more. Lots of water. Hundreds of Central Texans appeared when he announced the address where he was donating supplies on TikTok.

Many who didn’t have TikTok saw a line of cars waiting in the parking lot and stopped to see what was happening.

The best part? Everything was free.

“I had never really loved bottled water until about two weeks ago,” said Sylvester Holland, a man who still has no water at his home in Killeen, Texas, due to the Arctic explosion last week. I did.

It’s a storm that left millions across Lone Star without electricity and electricity.

While many were still struggling, Wieland said he chose the city of Killeen to donate for his old friends.

“He served in the military here and died a few years ago,” he explained. “I couldn’t give him anything back, nor to his community or his family.”

It is no exaggeration to say that the community is helping him while he is helping the community.

“It makes me feel good,” he said, tearing his eyes. “But at the same time, it finally gives me a little closure.”

This article was written by Paige Ellenberger KXXV.

Tennessee man drives 14 hours to donate food, supplies to those in need in Texas Source link Tennessee man drives 14 hours to donate food, supplies to those in need in Texas

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