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Fairfield Glade / Wartburg, Tennessee (WATE) — After losing a home in a fire on Thanksgiving Day, the Fairfield Glade police station is gathering around one of their detectives.

No one was at home at the time, but the interior was almost completely destroyed. Now, Detective Allen Dougley and his family are trying to understand what will happen next.

“You don’t want to ask for anything,” Dougley said in tears. “That’s the hard part. You don’t have to ask.”

“I describe him as a compassionate person,” said police chief Michael Williams. “He cares about his work, his family, and the communities he serves.”

Dougley has been with the Fairfield Glade Police since 2018. He volunteered on Thanksgiving morning and planned to meet his family at his father’s house for Thanksgiving dinner that afternoon.

“I was there for only 14 minutes, and my sister got a call,” he said. “My dad came in and he pointed to me, and he said your house was on fire.”

Dougley says he doesn’t remember much from that moment until he arrives at his home in Wartberg. He called Williams, who met him there.

“When I arrived and entered, the fire department was still on the scene and the structure might have stood, but the interior was completely lost,” Williams said. Dagleys was able to retrieve some clothing, but everything else was completely lost.

“He is very humble,” Williams said. “That’s his way, but I know he needs help.”

Therefore, the Fairfield Glade Police Department is asking for donations to help people recover. Diapers, clothing, or gift cards can be deposited at the police station at Peavine Road 5160, Crossville, Tennessee 38571.

A donation account has been opened at Daiichi National Bank, Tennessee to support the family.

“I always get there and help make sure everyone is okay,” Dougley said. “This means I’ve never had this happen.”

Detective Dougley is accustomed to taking care of his community, but now his community is trying to take care of him and his family when needed.

Dougley said this was the house where he grew up. His dad actually built it. So he hopes to rebuild from scratch sometime in the spring. For now, they are looking for a place to stay and rent with their family.

According to the Wartberg Fire Department, several animals were pulled out of the house and one did not.

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