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Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn talks to iHeartRadio host Sara Carter on Thursday Blame Biden administration Proclaim “Flagging” what is called “disinformation” about COVID-19 for social media companies.

“They basically set the assumption that if your message isn’t approved by the government, you’ll experience state-sponsored censorship …” Blackburn said. “What you give to these rogue nations, these dictatorships and these authoritarian regimes [like Cuba] What you can do is say, “Well, why are you coming to us when we are no different from the United States?”

He argued that the White House was proposing to take the same censorship approach to media treatment on a variety of subjects other than COVID, and lawmakers, especially in anticipation of the 2022 parliamentary elections, were Biden critics. He said it would be a de facto muzzle for.

“now [the Democrats] There is a house, the Senate, and the White House. They feel like time is ticking and they have to work crazy to get things done before they lose, “Blackburn said.

White House spokesman Jen Psaki warned against claims that the administration “is in regular contact with social media platforms” to warn of posts suggested to be “problematic”, Black Burn letter In it, she decided that the president could legally make these requests and how to decide which posts the social media platform would flag or remove, and which users would be banned. I requested to explain how. She also asks him to identify the 12 people he said were responsible for most of the false alarms against vaccines on social media. She said she hopes to be briefed on the issue by the White House by August 2.

Prior to interviewing Blackburn, Carter gave an introductory monologue on the subject of government surveillance and critic censorship, Fox news Host Tucker Carlson. July 7, Conservative News Analyst reported He said whistleblowers approached him and intercepted an email between him and an individual he believed would help the National Security Agency (NSA) secure an interview with Russian President Vladimirputin. I talked to.

Whistleblowers have informed him that the NSA has devised a leak to professionally hurt him, Carlson said.That day, news site Axios report Interviews from sources that Carlson was discussing the possibility of Putin’s interview with the Kremlin’s contact information.

“To be honest, the whole thing was a bit shocking,” he said. “Did the government spy on us? Sloppy! It looked crazy, but it’s true, and no one in Washington seemed to be shocked at all.”

Carter called the Carlson problem “an effort to target him and his ability to speak freely.”

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Tennessee Sen. Blackburn: White House Plans to Silence Critics in Run-Up to 2022 Source link Tennessee Sen. Blackburn: White House Plans to Silence Critics in Run-Up to 2022

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