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Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee 2021-11-30 01:06:40 –

Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN-09) said prison bureaus and US Marshals continue to use private detention facilities to hold prisoners, and want President Joe Biden to stop it. Said.

In the letterCohen said a private prison company had found a way to circumvent the executive order signed by Biden in January. The order instructed the lawyer’s president not to renew his contract with a private penal institution.

Cohen asked Biden to enforce the executive order.

“Public reports highlight new tactics used by private prison companies to maintain federal prison contracts to continue to benefit from the imprisonment and dehumanization of detainees.” Cohen writes.

Citing the 2016 Inspector General’s report from the Department of Justice, Cohen said private prisons have a higher incidence of security and security issues than federal-controlled agencies.

According to Cohen, the Florida-based GEO Group recently signed a six-month contract extension with the United States Marshals Service for a 770-bed western detention facility in San Diego, California. He said GEO is using local governments as an intermediary for federal prison contracts “to prevent private prisons from contracting directly with the federal government.”

Cohen also said that Brentwood, Tennessee-based CoreCivic uses the same method.

CoreCivic spokesman Ryan Gustin sent Cohen’s letter to the following email address on Monday: Tennessee Star..

“The claim that our company has the motivation to” benefit from the imprisonment and dehumanization of those who care for us “is clearly false. Just as other businesses need to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations, there are all the incentives to provide superior service to government partners, “Gustin said.

“The fact that we have worked with both Democratic and Republican governments for the past 40 years is a testament to the quality of the services we provide and what the government really needs for them. One of the most important ways to serve our partners is through the flexibility we offer, and we continue to work with them the way they want and need it. “

Biden, January, Blame He calls it “systematic racism that has plagued our country for much longer,” and includes measures to end the use of private prisons to hold federal prisoners. Signed administrative measures aimed at “equality.”

“This is, as research shows, the first step in preventing businesses from profiting from humane and unsafe imprisonment,” Biden said at the time.

Obama administration tried to withdraw contract Private prison.. Former President Donald Trump has reversed that policy.

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Tennessee U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen Wants Joe Biden to Clamp Down on Private Prisons Source link Tennessee U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen Wants Joe Biden to Clamp Down on Private Prisons

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