Tesla exports Chinese model 3 to Europe

Beijing / Shanghai — US electric vehicle maker Tesla Inc announced on Monday that it will begin exporting the Model 3 made in China. cars More than 10 European countries this month.

Tesla, which began delivering vehicles produced at its Shanghai plant in December, will export products made in China. carIn a statement, the company announced in October to countries such as Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland.

Tesla is expanding in China, despite growing tensions between Washington and Beijing.Tesla’s first Shanghai factory car Plants outside the United States are aiming to produce 150,000 vehicles this year.

“China’s government support for the industry, innovative local companies, and customers adopting new technologies make China the best market for smart electric vehicles,” Tesla said, adding that it will expand. car Production, charging and sales network in China.

Electric vehicle manufacturer that sold more than 11,000 Model 3s carLast month, new construction is underway in China, the world’s largest automobile market. car Shanghai’s manufacturing capacity to manufacture Model Y SUVs.

Reuters reported in September that Tesla plans to export Chinese-made Model 3 vehicles to Asian and European markets, citing people familiar with the matter.

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