Tesla Megapack unit ignites in Australia during testing

Sydney — A fire broke out Tesla Mega pack battery Unit of Australia According to fire authorities, it is testing the world’s largest energy storage project run by France’s Neoen SA on Friday.

Officials added that a fire broke out during the first test of a high-profile energy project known as the Victorian Big Battery near Melbourne on Friday morning, with no injuries and the facility evacuated. ..

“Neoen and Tesla are working closely with on-site emergency services to manage the situation,” Neoen’s managing director Louis de Sambucy said in a statement.

The site is detached from the grid and “has no impact on power supply,” de Sambucy added.

The statement did not reveal the cause of the fire.

Fire Department Victoria said a crew member with a breathing system is working to stop the flames spreading from a 13-ton battery to a battery near the scene.

He added that fire department scientists were conducting air monitoring, but said there was no threat to the community.

A Tesla spokesman in Australia could not be contacted immediately.

The total cost of the project has not been disclosed, but Neoen received cheap A $ 160 million (US $ 118 million) from the Australian Government earlier this year to produce 450 megawatt hours (MWh) of electricity. Funded a large battery designed to.

Tesla has supplied megapack technology to a project that will begin operations in time for the Australian summer, which begins in December.

Tesla Megapack unit ignites in Australia during testing

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