Tesla Model S Long Range Plus can travel 320 mph at 75 mph

  • In our highway fuel economy test, Tesla Model S Long Range Plus traveled 320 mph at an average speed of 75 mph.
  • This is the first EV to break the 300 mile barrier in our range test.
  • The Long Range Plus model has the same 100.0kWh battery pack as the previous model. Model S100D, Goed 270 miles in the same test. Tesla has made a series of efficiency-oriented changes to the rest of the car to unlock the extra range.

    5 years from the start of implementation 200 mile highway fuel economy testThere was joy and inconvenience in running tests on various EVs. The test includes a round-trip loop on a 100-mile interstate highway cruising at 75 mph. Often, EV highway fuel economy tests shorten loops and stab many nails on the side of the test driver assigned to the task. However, when I recently got the Tesla Model S Long Range Plus, the scene was different. There are no shortened loops or nerves. Instead, I had to extend the course and record 320 mph at 75 mph. This is the best EV ever.

    The Model S Long Range Plus was an instant in the Tesla lineup. Announced in June 2020 with an EPA-estimated range of 402 miles, it’s already on the menu as Tesla is preparing for the launch of the Model S Long Range, Plaid, and Plaid Plus. It is off. promise Ranges of 412, 390, and 520 miles or more, respectively (not to mention the 0-60 mph time claim of less than 2 seconds of plaid). But even if it’s destined to soon be overshadowed by even more impressive siblings, the lucky few who bought Long Range Plus while it was available, for now, they’re on the road. You should keep in mind that you are only driving an EV, you can actually beat a particular gas car in a range of battles.

    Model S Long Range Plus is Mustang Shelby GT500It has earned 20 mpg in highway fuel economy tests and is equipped with a 16 gallon fuel tank. And only if the GT500 driver could resist the Predator V-8 siren call and stick to a 75 mph cruise. At 320 miles, the low fuel light will probably come on. Jeep Renegade, This earned 29 mpg in our test, but the fill-up interval is 360 miles.

    The Model S Long Range Plus has a 100.0kWh battery and has the same capacity as its predecessors, such as the 2018 Model S100D, which had a range of 335 miles according to EPA’s methodology. 270 miles on highway range test.. Tesla has expanded its 67-mile EPA range by taking a number of efficiency measures, including reducing the weight inside the car, adding model-specific aerodynamic wheels and tires, and fine-tuning the electric motor. With these changes, we were also able to drive 422.7 miles on another Long RangePlus. test I drove at 65 mph instead of the 75 mph used for highway fuel economy testing. The Model S’s Plaid Plus has a range increased by nearly 30%, so I’d love to get it, but the Trim’s launch has been postponed until mid-next year, so the Long Range Plus will maintain the EV highway. is needed. The crown of the range for a while.

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Tesla Model S Long Range Plus can travel 320 mph at 75 mph

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