Tesla patents laser beam wiper

Tesla I have one simple request. that is, Flickin laser beam Attached to their hood.That demand, like musk, is one step closer to potential Electric car The company has a patent on the use of laser beams to clean windshields.

NS Electrek Tesla succeeded in obtaining a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office last week. The title describes this technology as “pulse laser cleaning of debris accumulated in glassware of vehicles and photovoltaic assemblies.” This means it’s suitable not only for windows, but also for Tesla’s solar charging panels.

The relevant figure shows the beam emanating from two backward points on the bonnet, where the wiper fluid nozzle is usually angled upwards towards the windshield. This patent calibrated the system to “a beam optics assembly configured to emit a laser beam to illuminate an area of ​​glassware mounted on a vehicle,” a debris detection circuit, and a laser limit. It is described as including a control circuit. Beyond the thickness of the glass, “reduces the risk of damage to the various automotive components beneath the area of ​​glassware.”

Perhaps they also want to limit the damage to the resident’s eyes.

Further digging into Patent Speak, the system should include at least one camera (but a dash cam rear view camera or surround view camera) to detect windshield stains, a clear resistance coating overlaid on the windshield. You can also see that it is composed of. A device for maneuvering, focusing, and emitting a laser beam.

Alternatively, you can continue to use the rubber pieces attached to the electric arm.

It’s important to note that just because Tesla is patented doesn’t mean it’s used. The company also Electromagnetic wiper.. The system, like a giant squeegee, uses an electromagnetic block that travels through a magnetic bar embedded around the windshield to drag a single blade over the entire range of the windshield.

Tesla states that the wind resistance created by the mechanical components of traditional wipers reduces the range of the vehicle. Electromagnetic wipers appear to be at least a bit more realistic than laser beams, but both systems add considerable cost and complexity to the car.

Tesla patents laser beam wiper

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