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When a police officer asks, “Do you know how fast you were going?”, There is no good answer. We say it’s better to make an effort and spend money in advance to avoid that interaction in the first place.Navigation apps like Waze Radar detectors have been more effective at sniffing out smoky, although they can reduce the chance of getting caught in a speed trap.

We gathered three heavy hitters for this test. Valentine V1 Gen2 Is the first major redesign since the V1 debuted in 1992, at $ 499, cheaper than the original design given inflation. For a steep $ 650, escort The Max 360c has features such as directional arrows and GPS antennas. RadinsoA relatively newcomer, has gained strong support for its top model, the $ 450 ProM.

The test was kept simple, measuring the front-back detection distance and how well each detected the radar around the corner. Police radar guns fire frequencies in the X, K, and Ka bands, but stick to the Ka band because they are the most difficult to detect at a distance.

We then switched the detector from the most sensitive mode to the most selective mode and let it pass through Ann Arbor’s strip mall gauntlets to see how well each one got rid of false alerts. Without filtering, this drive is essentially a 9 mile long continuous alert due to motion detectors everywhere. Two of the three models offer GPS lockout for this kind of thing. It works by recording the location and frequency. When you press the button on Pro M, you need to remember the annoying place. But for escorts, go through the bad automatic doors three times. Theoretically, you will never hear the false warning again.

If you just want to know, “Can I get a ticket if I stick this on the windshield?”, It’s easy to get hooked on the test results. Both of these detectors greatly reduce the chances of chatting with roadside tax collectors. Which one you need depends on how you expect the radar detector to work.

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Escort Max 360c

High price: Easy to mute with GPS lockout, smooth magnetic mount and power cord button.
Low price: Expensive arrow features are less convenient than Valentine’s Day.
verdict: A balanced compromise between range and filtering comes at a price.

The escort lies in the space between Valentine’s high sensitivity and Radinso’s skillful filtering. The Max360c wasn’t as quiet as the V1 Gen2 because of six false alerts on the suburban route. Fortunately, there is a GPS lockout and you can learn to ignore fixed position triggers.

Max 360c issued enough warnings in all three scenarios. Escort began turning the V1’s signature arrow into a parrot in 2015, but it’s not very useful here. If the V1 arrow points to a threat in real time, the Max 360c will appear to be 5 seconds behind. The delay makes it difficult to know exactly where and what the radar is coming from.

I like the ability to slide and slide the Max360c onto the EZMag mount with one hand. Also, depending on the location of the car’s 12 volt outlet, the mute button on the power cord may be useful. You will pay a premium for the feature-packed Max 360c. Keep in mind that not all of these bells and whistles work the same as their competitors.

Radinso Pro M

High price: Excellent out-of-the-box filtering, GPS lockout, great price.
Low price: There is little rear protection, the durability of the mount is questionable, and the menus and controls are confusing.
verdict: A quiet radar detector with excellent threat detection capabilities.

The Pro M is considerably quieter than the others, but believes it will pick up police radar. In our false filtering test, Radenso rang only twice, compared to 6 and 7 times for Escort and Valentine, respectively. All three detectors can be programmed to ignore the entire radar band, but only Radenso allows the user to adjust the intensity of each type of filtering. This allows, for example, to reduce sensitivity without completely muting the rarely used X band.

Radinso has a strong front range and matched the escort in a 90 degree corner test. However, its backward coverage is a relatively weak point. The small size of the Pro M helps improve driver visibility. The lowest price under test is also a selling point, but Radenso feels cheaper than the others. Bend the metal bracket attached to the windshield to adjust the angle of the windshield. There is no app to help you adjust the settings. If you need a reliable detector that minimizes the number of false alerts, choose ProM.

Valentine V1 Gen2

High price: Longest range in test, easy to update, simple display.
Low price: There is no GPS lockout and it detects more false alarms than other alarms.
verdict: There is no better companion to commit speed violations in unfamiliar areas.

Enthusiastic customers who swear the original V1 often prefer noisy detectors to selective detectors. Therefore, when V1Gen2 says it crouches more than Max360c or ProM, it recognizes that some people will consider it a perk. Valentine often uses a directional arrow display to focus on the radar source and leave it to the driver to determine what is threatening and what is not.

Setup is easy with the phone app. It also acts as a secret display if you don’t want a light on the windshield. The V1 Gen2 offers only a small advantage in the front range, but picks up the radar from behind at 2.0 miles, more than 0.5 miles away from its next-best model, the Max 360c. V1 Gen2 then issued a 1-mile notice in a simulated police trap in a 90-degree blind corner, and both the escort and Radenso issued a 0.5-mile warning. V1 Gen2 is a radar detector when there is too much information, rather than relying on a filtering algorithm to get the information correctly.

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Tested 3 top radar detectors

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