Tested 7 handheld vacuum cleaners for cars and picked a favorite

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Our editors are constantly changing the cars they are evaluating and, like most car owners, can leave a mess. Some parents leave their children crumbs from snack time, while others pet owners have fur-covered friends leaving hair follicles embedded in the carpet. Sometimes it’s a simple stain or stain from trekking in your home state of Michigan or elsewhere. Dirty test vehicle. We’re looking for the best way to get rid of those mess, so collect 7 cordless handheld vacuum cleaners from popular brands and see what you’re signing up for to get the job done. Did.

The vacuum cleaner was tested in 5 tests. Crush Cheez-Its and Cheerios to see how much you can suck up your kids and your mess. Our local Petco provided us with a trash bag full of dog hair that we rubbed on the carpet floor mats (these vac ratings did not harm the animals). We also used potting compost to mimic dirt and debris tracked by cars. To test the suction power in each vacuum cleaner’s strongest setting (some have two modes), fill the Ziploc bag with marbles weighing 5 grams each and record how many of them you can pick up. did. Finally, to test the sound level of each car we were testing, we used the same equipment to check the volume of these vacs.

Overall Best: Bissell Multi Auto

Attached file: Hose nozzle, electric brush, dusting brush, gap tool

During testing of these handheld vacuum cleaners, we found that the electric brush tool was the only attachment that could truly pick up deep pet hair. MultiAuto comes with one. I used this vac to clean up other vac debris left during the test. Said enough. But that’s not the only advantage. There is also an extension hose nozzle (and other handy accessory attachments) that can be manipulated inside, below, and around the seat to help find runaway dirt and debris. It also has an easy-to-use steering wheel and flashlight, making it even more suitable for use in the car.

Suction: 41 marbles

sound: 80.1 dB

Most versatile: Dyson V7

Attached file: Carpet cleaner, brush, wide nozzle two-in-one tool, crevice tool

Dyson Carpet Cleaner Electric Brushes are also good for cleaning homes, making them the most versatile vacuum cleaners we’ve tested, but they’re not as small as the Bissells and Shark Ultra Cyclone brush attachments, making them difficult to use in the car. is. Many scrubs are needed to clean everything up using the other two attachments that come with it. This works fine and in boost mode (the most powerful setting) the battery lasts about 6 minutes.

Suction: 150 marbles

sound: 67.6dB and 76.0dB

Silver medal: Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro +

Attached file: Electric pet power brush, scrub brush, gap tool

Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro +

The Shark UltraCyclone has won a silver medal because it has a powerful electric brush attachment that makes it easier to pick up pet hair and absorb dirt, but it’s not as versatile as the Bissell Multi Auto. The included scrub brush tinkers with the treat, and the crevice tool is a bit narrow, but it does enough work to suck up the treat and dirt.

Suction: 52 marbles

sound: 77.0 dB

Great for pet owners: Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

Attached file: Electric brush, interior decoration tool, gap tool

The name speaks for itself. The Pet Hair Eraser is the perfect handheld vacuum cleaner if your pet lost hair like Britney Spears in 2007. However, it is only effective when actually removing pet hair. That’s why we gave Shark UltraCyclone Pet Pro + a second-place trophy. The strange flaps on the nozzle made it harder to suck in food mess and couldn’t pick up Cheerios.

Suction: 66 marbles

sound: 73.5 dB

Bustin’Dust: Black + Decker Dust Buster

Attached file: None

Black + Decker 20VMAX * Dust Buster AdvancedClean +

It seems like you always drop french fries and other light meals between the seat and the center console. DustBuster’s slender, stretchable nozzle is good for getting French fries from a few years ago, but you may need to approach from the backseat and the extender won’t stay in place when you try to stuff it. I found that in a small space. A little scrubbing is also needed to eradicate dirt and debris on the carpet. Pet owners should not buy this Dust Buster. However, some models come with an electric pet attachment. In the strongest setting of vac, which picked up only 52 marbles, the battery lasts about 20 minutes.

Suction: 52 marbles

sound: 75.0dB and 78.4dB

Weight lifter: Shark WandVac

Attached file: Duster Gap Tool, Multi Service Pet Tool

We recommend this vacuum cleaner only if you are driving a smart. The tank was so small that I couldn’t even put ant bread crumbs in it. Well, that may be an exaggeration, but it’s really small. I was surprised at the strength of the suction power of picking up 224 marbles, but I was disappointed that the pet’s hair was caught on the bottom of the pet tool and could not be sucked up. But it’s cool.

Suction: 224 marbles

sound: 78.5 dB

Participating Trophy: DeWalt Half Gallon Wet / Dryer Cum

Attached file: None

DeWalt½ gallon wet / dry cum

DeWalt shop vac has a strong suction force, but it requires a lot of scrubs to complete the work because there are no attachments to help complete the work. Large tank and hose attachments help keep it in the mix, but it’s not our first choice. And it’s awkward and expensive.

Suction: 83 marbles

sound: 83.8 dB

Tested 7 handheld vacuum cleaners for cars and picked a favorite

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