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Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-06-11 14:24:42 –

Lacrosse, Wisconsin (AP) —Final results of state trials show that more than 500 wells on French Island are contaminated with some PFAS chemicals.

Lacrosse Tribune said on Friday that 538 wells on the island just west of Lacrosse showed some level of chemicals, of which 165 wells exceeded the state’s recommended 20 trillionth risk standard. I reported. Nine wells have exceeded 1,000 trillionths.

The 17 wells with PFAS are public wells. Two of them exceeded the standard. According to the Department of State’s Department of Natural Resources, these are not municipal wells, but can be supplied to libraries, stores, or offices. Authorities have not disclosed the names of those facilities, but do require patrons to be notified of the pollution.

State authorities supply the islanders with bottled water.

The island is under the jurisdiction of the town of Campbell, but the city of Lacrosse operates the island’s airport. Contamination is believed to be due to the fire extinguishing foam used at the airport, but subsequent testing suggests that the contamination has crossed that boundary and is due to additional causes.

In March, the city filed a proceeding against many chemical manufacturers that produced fire extinguishing foam, alleging that it had known since the 1960s that PFAS could be released from foam and infiltrate groundwater.

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