Texarkana, Texas – A Jan Morgan win for U.S. Senate would cause a political earthquake in America

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With a politicianOfficialsIn Washington, DC, you’ll feel when you learn that Arkansas voters have sent Jan Morgan to the US Senate.

Tears are flowing down the corridor of the weak Republican Senator’s office, and Democrats will demand her dismissal even before she takes the oath of office. There is no doubt that news media across the country have blamed her for everything but kidnapping Lindbergh’s baby.

Over the course of several months, the ruling class realized that Jean Morgan was an enhanced firewall to prevent Americans from being deprived of their personal freedom, and their heads continued to explode throughout the United States. ..

Prize Fighter

Jan Morgan was the leader in the fight to protect the rights of UAMS staff when the Arkansas Medical College wanted to dismiss an employee because he was not vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine.

During the battle, Jean Morgan refused to take advantage of the issue to benefit her campaign for the US Senate. And she spent hundreds of hours gathering support for UAMS employees who opposed mandatory vaccine policies.

It was Jean Morgan who fought like her life when the swaying lawmakers tried to stand by the debate on this issue, and the lives of UAMS employees depended on it.

She has fought for years

Most Arkansas voters know Jean Morgan with her strong stance in favor of personal freedom and Article 2 of the Constitutional Amendment. But Morgan has been fighting for decades to help the local community.

In the late 1980s, Jan Morgan was in his early twenties and was a popular news reporter for CBS-affiliated KSLA. While in Texarkana, he asked about a local high school going to Morgan to create a 30-second public service announcement on TV against drinking and driving.

Jan Morgan fought vigorously for a high school class to advertise against drunk driving with over 100 students. One of them, the 30-second ad, has become a series of public service announcements aired in Arkansas, Texas, and several other southern states. This later led to a national award from President Ronald Reagan.

And that’s all because Jean Morgan took the heart of the idea and made it happen. She helped the community without any benefit to herself, even when she just graduated from college, where she was just beginning to make her television career a success.

Political earthquake

Jean Morgan has a greater presence than the real thing, and opponents say she can feel her fiery glare from more than 50 feet away.

“You don’t want to ride on the other side of Jean Morgan,” Morgan’s crosshairs member once said. “She eats you for breakfast, lunch, and supper, and the next day she drags you out and picks the bones.”

James Marshall of Little Rock said Washington, DC needs to be shaken. “Sending Jean Morgan to the Senate is like a political earthquake or hurricane,” he said. “To fight for us, we need” Hurricane January “there. “

“When our freedom is at stake, are we really going to trust John Boseman or his monotonous Jake Beckett? Are both polluted by being already in Washington, DC? He asked.

Legend of “Hurricane January”

If elected, Jean Morgan fans believe she will be “Marjorie Taylor Greene on Steroids.”

“I have a friend who told me he was voting for Jean Morgan, but his wife didn’t vote for her because she was” too bold, “” Ronald Ronald of Texarkana. Jones said.

“I told him to tell her that we need to vote for her. because She’s tough and candid, “Jones said. Do you really believe that you can trust liars like the weak Boseman and Jake Beckett? He doesn’t even admit that he’s already attended a law school in Washington, DC. of course not. “

The delegation of the Arkansas General Assembly is full of “weak people in Milke Toast,” Jones continued. “We need at least one person who knows he won’t retreat from the fight. That’s Jean Morgan.”

Other citizens Texar Kana News When I spoke outside Texarkana’s Central Mall, similar feelings echoed.

“If we send Jean Morgan to Washington, those dictators in Washington will burn their hair with disgust,” said one Texarkana teacher who asked not to reveal his identity. .. “That’s why we need to send her to Washington. She flips the apple cart and stops the Arkansas Senate Boys Club. We need a real fighter.”

Mitch McConnell hates Jean Morgan

Jean Morgan announced in 2022 that he was the first US Senator candidate in the United States to oppose Mitch McConnell as leader of the majority party. Some say it’s Eric Greatens, Missouri, but it was Jean Morgan who actually took the lead.

Mitch McConnell is said to be angry with all the major US Senator candidates threatening his future leadership, including Morgan. Texar Kana News I contacted the minority leader McConnell’s office. The staff we spoke with provided a solid “no comment” on McConnell’s feelings towards McConnell’s pledge to vote against Jean Morgan.

Both John Boozman and Jake Beckett may vote for Mitch McConnell. Mr Beckett said he wanted to go through one election before thinking about another. But “speaking politically” is the same as allowing Beckett to vote for Mitch McConnell. It is also a very weak answer, “inside the beltway.”

A conservative state with timid senators and members of the House

Arkansas once had a rich history of parliamentary delegations and legendary fighters. But over the years, the expression has become weaker.

Election of John Boseman or Jake Beckett in 2022 didn’t even tremble through Washington, DC-in fact, life in the national capital is a business as usual.

But if Arkansas voters make a really big statement and are willing to send a shockwave through Washington, they bring Jean Morgan to the well in the US Senate. Her speech is spectacular and her targets are many.

It’s also likely that “Hurricane January” will send Democrats and mainstream Republicans screaming at the Capital Steps.

That’s probably why she was endorsed by American First conservatives like General Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, and Ted Nugent.

Shocked face

Once again, take a moment to imagine the political earthquake that Jean Morgan’s victory would bring to Arkansas and the United States.

The facial expressions of fellow senators will be magnificent as Jean Morgan scolds their incompetence and fights for conservative principles.

With the inauguration of Jean Morgan, the citizens were finally able to get a good night’s sleep. This was terribly lacking at Joe Biden’s horror show.

And the Arkansas people were able to get up and rest in peace. I knew the fact that US Senator Jean Morgan is working overtime to protect them from the overwhelming overwhelming federal government.

A Jan Morgan win for U.S. Senate would cause a political earthquake in America Source link A Jan Morgan win for U.S. Senate would cause a political earthquake in America

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