Texarkana, Texas – All 11 Texas A & M University campus buildings lit up for World Teacher’s Day

Texarkana, Texas 2020-10-06 11:09:30 –


The building was lit up in blue on all 11 Texas A & M University System Campuses on World Teacher’s Day. Bryan College Station, Texas — Blue lights shined brightly to commemorate World Teacher’s Day at the Texas A & M University Systems Campus throughout Texas. Eleven universities in the A & M system illuminated a total of 27 iconic buildings and landmarks. “This year we want to celebrate World Teacher’s Day in a big way across Texas,” said Elaine Mendoza, President of the Texas A & M Systems Board. “2020 has taught us all to better understand the importance of those who choose to spend their lives teaching others.”

World Teacher’s Day was invented in 1994 by UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. This day will provide an opportunity to celebrate teaching professions around the world, evaluate achievements and pay attention to the voices of teachers in. The center of effort to achieve the global educational goal of leaving no one behind.

“We teach Texas, and we’re proud of it,” said Mendoza. “The Texas A & M University System is proud to graduate from a fully certified teacher than any public university system in Texas.” Prime Minister John Sharp said that graduates of the University of Education at the Texas A & M University Systems Campus It is very popular because it is ready. “From day one, potential teachers are working with students to get the tools they need and prepare the classroom,” said Prime Minister Sharp. “We provide the tools that one child at a time needs to make the world a better place.”

The theme of this year’s World Teachers’ Day is “Teachers: Leading the Crisis and Rethinking the Future.” All 11 universities in the Texas A & M System encourage communities to consider their contributions to providing distance learning through social media and other online initiatives.
Help vulnerable people, reopen schools and ensure closing learning gaps.

The buildings and landmarks illuminated in blue are:

  • Performing Arts Center, Three Fountains on Lake Garvin, Talbot Hall, Memorial Stadium at Texas A & M University Commerce
  • Jack K. Williams Administration Building, Harrington Education Center, Albritton Bell Tower, Texas A & M University Academic Building Dome
  • Trailblazer Tower, Vergara Planetarium, Front of the Kiram Library at Texas A & M International University
  • College Hall and Statue of Havelina at Texas A & M University Kingsville
  • University of Texas A & M-Texarkana Building for Academic and Student Success
  • Waves of Momentum at the University of Texas A & M-Corpus Christi; University of Texas A & M-The Tower of Founders’ Hall in Central Texas.Clock Tower in the Central Quad Area of ​​Texas A & M Galveston Campus
  • Original Texas sculpture by New Mexico artist Doug Scott at West Texas A & M University Charles K and Barbara Carbon Pedestrian Mall, Hayward Spirit Tower, Victory Circle’s Eternal Flame Memorial
  • Tarleton State University Chimney.Prairie View A & M University Wilhelmina Delcoville and John B. Coleman Library Torre de Esperanza, Fountain at the intersection of the University and Jaguar Way, Texas A & M University Central Academic Building-San Antonio
  • And the entrance to the RELLIS campus of the Texas A & M University system in Brian.

About the Texas A & M University System: The Texas A & M University System is one of the largest higher education systems in the United States with a $ 6.3 billion budget. This system is a state-wide network of 11 universities. Comprehensive Health Science Center. Eight state agencies, including the Texas Emergency Management Agency. And RELLIS campus. The Texas A & M System educates more than 151,000 students each year and makes more than 22 million additional educational contacts through its services and outreach programs. R & D spending on the entire system exceeded $ 1 billion in 2019, helping to drive the state’s economy.


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