Texarkana, Texas – Ashdown man saves Texarkana woman in spillway accident at Wright Pitman Dam

Texarkana, Texas 2021-04-07 22:05:24 –

Texarkana, Texas (KTAL / KMSS) – A man in Arkansas talks about how his heroic efforts saved the lives of a Texarkana woman after getting in the car. Crashed on a spillway at Light Pit Mandom..

“I can’t explain it except the good Lord spoke to me and said,’You must go to save her,'” said Dustin Roach, the man who saved the woman.

Cockroaches are Navy veterans who say they were fishing when a truck broke through a spillway barrier and hit water.

“She said he hit the curb, and she said she remembered screaming, and I think he panicked a bit and hit the gas instead of hitting a break,” Roach said. Told.

29-year-old Lucia Mendoza was in the passenger seat at the time of the crash. She told Roach that the only way she could get off was because her seat belts were loose and the windows were down. Unfortunately, the driver, 23-year-old Armand de Brignac, was tied up.

“I saw her, and when I looked at her, I mean she wasn’t screaming for help. But I’m in trouble with her I knew that, “Roach said.

Cockroaches say they didn’t think. His only reaction was to dive.

“I tried to wake her up, but I told her to stay awake a little longer, and the bankers said,” I kept swimming, I kept swimming, and I was exhausted. ” I heard that, “said Lord.

Roach says he talked to Mendoza on the phone while he was in the hospital. In the midst of all the turmoil, there was a moment they both remembered.

“When I first met her, she told me, she said,’I don’t have pants. I said my lover wouldn’t worry about it. I’m worried about it at the bank. Will do, “Roach said.

Roach says he created after learning that Mendoza lost loved ones, cars, and money due to hospital costs. GoFundMe.. He says the goal is to reach 10,000.

“I’ve heard all this, but never heard a word about Lucia and her family. And with the attention I’m getting and all that can help her using this platform. I thought about it, “Roach said.

Cockroaches say they were blessed with the courage to jump in. His purpose was to save her.

“I may have been fishing elsewhere in the area that day, but God put me there,” Roach said.

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Ashdown man saves Texarkana woman in spillway accident at Wright Pitman Dam Source link Ashdown man saves Texarkana woman in spillway accident at Wright Pitman Dam

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