Texarkana, Texas – Brubaker named lone finalist for Texarkana Independent School District

Texarkana, Texas 2020-11-10 20:25:36 –

Texarkana, Texas (KTAL / KMSS) – After looking for a new coach from July, the Texarkana Independent School District says it is excited to announce Dr. Doug Bullbacker as the only finalist.

After completing his 21-day period, Brubaker was officially announced as TISD Supervisor on December 1st and is now the Supervisor of Fort Smith Public School. Brubaker plans to bury Paul Norton’s shoes, which departed for Lake Travis earlier this year.

“He was the one who interviewed others after we first interviewed, but Dr. Bru Baker stood out from the beginning,” said Paul Miller, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TISD.

TISD officials said they were excited to announce Dr. Doug Bullbaker as the only finalist, and his record of working with students for over 24 years has made him the perfect servant leader in the community. It states that it is.

According to authorities, Brubaker was selected from 46 applicants from seven different states.

Brubaker says his innovative spirit, student success commitment, and collaboration have attracted him most to the TISD community.

“It’s a real honor when we learn about the people who played that role in the past,” Brubaker said.

As a leader, Bullbaker says he intends to acquire shares and learn about TISD culture.

“And we work systematically and dramatically to develop new visions for the future,” Brubaker said.

His first idea is to plan a 90-day admission to understand what the community wants from the school. His plans have been proven in the past.

“Once you have people who represent all the crosses that represent the cross section of a community, all parts of that community form an exciting vision and momentum to achieve it.
Set goals on behalf of students, “Bullbaker said.

Baker will be officially appointed as TISD coach on December 1st.

“Dr. Brubaker brings that positive mindset, a desire for innovation. That’s what we want and what he brings to us,” Miller said.

Brubaker will begin work on TISD on January 4, 2021.

Brubaker named lone finalist for Texarkana Independent School District Source link Brubaker named lone finalist for Texarkana Independent School District

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