Texarkana, Texas – COVID-19 expert in Texarkana says biggest obstacle is controlling spread of virus

Texarkana, Texas 2021-01-06 19:01:52 –

Texarkana, Texas (KTAL / KMSS) – Texarkana’s coronavirus experts say that the biggest obstacle to treating the spread of the virus is convincing everyone that the vaccine is safe.

The conversation about the coronavirus began around January 2019. A year later, the country is still fighting a pandemic.

Dr. Ben Neumann, a COVID-19 expert, says Texarkana should not be worried about new strains of coronavirus.

“This test tells us if we have a version of sars-coronavirus 2,” said Dr. Neuman.

“It doesn’t tell you which stock. You have to put the whole thing in order. It’s a kind of expensive professional process. If I remember correctly, it costs about $ 1000 to sequence. And no one is doing it near this area. “

Dr. Neumann is a professor at Texas A & M University Texarkana. At Thanksgiving, there were 12,000 new cases of coronavirus per day in Texas. By Christmas and New Year’s Day, there were 20,000 new cases each day. As of Wednesday, that number is 31,000.

Dr. Neumann says he expects COVID-19 to increase by 50% in the coming weeks.

“Today, the ones reported as positive tests are those who got sick a week or two ago, and the next one or two weeks’ worth of people are already infected. They are still testing positive. We don’t. It will take some time before we can get accurate tests, “says Dr. Neuman.

Dr. Neumann states that vaccines are the only hope of the community.

“There are many places like New Zealand, Australia, China and Singapore where we could shut down the virus without a vaccine. This is an option we always have and for some reason we decided not to adopt it. “Dr. Neuman said.

Dr. Neumann says that if enough people are vaccinated by the summer of 2021, Texarkana can begin to see the path to normal sensations. He says the only obstacle is trying to convince the population that the vaccine is safe to take.

“If 80% of people can be vaccinated within 6 months, that means a door-to-door canvassing with a syringe and saying,’Can everyone be vaccinated?'” And Dr. Neuman.

Medical experts say the vaccine is given to hospital workers and the next step is for the elderly and wants to be vaccinated for people in the education system.

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COVID-19 expert in Texarkana says biggest obstacle is controlling spread of virus Source link COVID-19 expert in Texarkana says biggest obstacle is controlling spread of virus

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