Texarkana, Texas – Crafting ‘Paper Pumpkins’ at the Ace of Clubs House

Texarkana, Texas 2021-09-20 16:05:44 –

The pumpkin season is almost everything. Officials at TMS and Ace of Clubs House are planning an event where they can make paper pumpkins from books. It should be a lot of fun. Participation may be restricted, so plan now.

Press release:

On Saturday, November 20, 2021, the Texarkana Museums System will make paper pumpkins from old books. Pumpkins are a major theme in the fall, and making pumpkins that don’t rot is even better.

The event will start at 2 pm at the Ace of Clubs Carriage House and must be registered in advance. Tickets are $ 10 for non-members and $ 5 for members.

The Ace of Clubhouse was built in 1885 during the height of the Victorian era and has an unusual floor plan with three octagonal rooms on one end and a long rectangular room on the other end. It was a private residence for 100 years and was owned by three different families, but the last residence, Miss Olivia, left it in the Texarkana Museum System in 1985. The Ace of Clubhouse offers guided tours from Tuesday to Sunday and usually hosts special events Events such as workshops, lectures and other activities on the third Saturday of every month.

Please contact us for more information AceOfClubs@TexarkanaMuseums.org Alternatively, call (903) 793-4831.

Crafting ‘Paper Pumpkins’ at the Ace of Clubs House Source link Crafting ‘Paper Pumpkins’ at the Ace of Clubs House

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