Texarkana, Texas – ETX business owner asks for community support to combat feral cat problem

Texarkana, Texas 2021-06-10 16:34:19 –

Cass County, Texas (KTAL / KMSS) – Some residents of Linden say that stray cats are becoming an increasingly problematic issue. Today, a small business owner is raising money to combat this issue. She wants to do it with the help of the community.

Jenna Lockhart runs a coffee shop in downtown Linden. She is also an animal lover and has a big problem that bothers her. “Stray cats are very invasive, territorial and like to fight,” she said.

It’s a population that can easily get out of hand. “You can have one bitch. I’d like to say, I found out that there are 150 babies,” Rockhart said. She is currently partnering with the Animal Protection League (APL), a non-profit organization in the region, hoping to combat this issue.

“Cats are a small kitten factory. They continue to eat trash little by little until contraceptive neutering,” said Monnie Quiley, APL Veterinary Assistant. APL provides low-cost contraceptive castration / contraceptive castration services along with vaccination through mobile units that visit rural areas of northeast Texas.
Looking ahead to the clinic in August, Lockhart predicts that many cats will undergo contraceptive and neutering surgery. “If we can get to one of the community member locations, we’ll be trapped at least 12 and have lots of kittens,” she said.

Stray cats can also spread the disease. Lockhart encourages people to be vaccinated as well as to have cats undergo contraceptive and neutering surgery. “Giving them causes more problems,” she said. “It’s a bad cycle to get in. The more you feed, the more cats you have.”

Lockhart wants to raise $ 3,500 for the clinic, so the event can be offered to residents free of charge. The consultation date is currently set to August 27, 2021. “We are grateful to our community … and we are grateful to everyone for their compassion when it comes to contraceptive and castration surgery,” she said.

If you would like to donate to a cat contraceptive / castration event in Linden, please contact the Cass County Contraceptive / Contraceptive Castration Sponsorship page @casscountyspayneutersponsorship or call (430) 218-8588. Or send an email to Lockhart to lindendarkhorse@gmail.com.

You can also make a donation directly to the Animal Conservation League and specify that the donation is for a Linden event. (903) You can find it by calling 753-7387, on Facebook @etxanimalprotectionleague, or on the web. http://aplspayneuter.org/..

ETX business owner asks for community support to combat feral cat problem Source link ETX business owner asks for community support to combat feral cat problem

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