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With a shared love for antiques and unique vintage items, it makes sense to open a store and share it with others.

Jennifer Davis, Michael Stephenson and Sherilyn Cotton previously owned booths at local flea markets, sharing a common love for antiques and unique vintage items. Together, they decided to open Olive Street Vintics, the only antique shop in Texarkana.

“We love antiques. Texarkana doesn’t have an antique store, only a flea market, so I really thought I needed a true antique store. Someone came and everything was good vintage and I wanted a place to be an antique, “said co-owner Jennifer Davis.

Olive Street Vintics originally opened on Saturday, November 2020, a small business. Sales have been steadily increasing since the opening date, and the reaction from the community is amazing.

“Initially, we started the business by selling Facebook Live,” said Davis. “We did them every other Sunday night, and we still do them, but it just grew, and we were doing it outside the house, it’s kind of It was a pain, and thankfully we found David [Peavy] And we rented a place. There was a small spot around the corner, but it quickly grew, “she added.

Olive Street Vintique is located on the second floor of the 1894 City Market Building in downtown Texarkana. Peavy transforms several areas within the building, each area representing a different period. Olive Street Vintics quickly found this place to be the perfect place for business, with antiques, photographs, artwork and unique designs from different eras.

Davis, Stephenson, and Cotten find most of their products in the southern surrounding states from Oklahoma to Louisiana, and if customers are looking for specific products that aren’t currently in their stores, search elsewhere. Enlarge to.

“We want to provide a shopping experience and help our patrons imagine these items at home, so we want to tell our customers where they’re coming from, so if you’re asking for a particular product, find out. We’re trying to figure out what their needs are and we’re trying to meet them, “said co-owner Michael Stevenson.

Currently only open to the public on the second Saturday of every month, customers can book their shopping at any time from the Olive Street Vintics website. The company also sells Facebook Live every two weeks. Items featured in Facebook Live sales are sold on a first-come, first-served basis in the first comment, so Olive Street Vintiques owners can sneak peak on items before they sell by sharing a photo of the item on Facebook. To our customers. Since you can see the products in advance, you will have more chances to request the products you want at the subsequent live sale.

“Life was pretty successful,” Stevenson said. “Our goal is to keep building a live audience because we think life is really important for a pandemic. People are shopping from the couch, so literally log on to Facebook and item You can see our live when you view, and they comment that they “sold”, “he added. “We can do curbside pickups. We can do anything to make it easier for them. Life was really successful and was caused by a pandemic. And people If you’re uncomfortable coming directly here, it’s an easy way for people to shop. “

Olive Street Vintique is located on 105 Olive Street in downtown Texarkana, on the second floor of the 1894 City Market Building. It is recommended to wear a mask in the store. Employees always wear masks.

For more information, see the Olive Street Vintiques website and Facebook page.

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