Texarkana, Texas – Fishing for Scholarships: Ark-La-Tex Bassmaster Millwood Tournament

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Jason Townsend and his group of Bassmasters are hosting a large tournament this weekend with scholarships for students. “We expect more than 60 boats and more than 120 children to participate in this tournament. We will provide scholarships to seniors and juniors in high school on Sunday after weighing. Students and children of all ages are welcome, “said Jason Townsend, founder of Ark-La-Tex Bassmasters.

Recognizing the need for this program in our area, Jason created this program enthusiastically with Genoa High School students and others in our area to bring organized fishing to the Texarkana area. I have been working on it. “When this tournament started just three years ago, we had only 20 teams in attendance. Now we’re looking forward to more. We’re growing and previously these We are pleased to offer these local opportunities to students who were unable to attend the event, “said Townsend.

Congratulations to Student Grayson Uten and Nickcorn 1st Place Winner

Jason and his students participated in the national tournament from late July to early August, with 127 of the 309 teams. “We actually did really well for our team. Of the 309 team fields, there were about 1,000 with anglers and captains. I’m proud of the kids who got the opportunity. We are excited to continue to provide these opportunities to our students in the region. We also have a team from the Texarkana region who will be competing in the Junior National Championships in October. A local lake that anyone can participate in. These events at Texarkana are a great way for students to practice what they love and build confidence, “says Townsend.

“There are many students who want to try for us, work hard and get scholarships to improve the future. I’m always a fisherman with no arms or legs. Inspired by Clay Dier. Whenever I feel frustrated or unable to continue with my students, I’ll look into Clay and if he can do this, it’s an opportunity for them. Tells you to make sure it’s infinite, “said Townsend. With the Bassmaster platform that Townsend has brought to the region, he has encouraged children of all ages to come out and compete. By allowing children of all ages to compete, the tournament continues to grow in size and teams from across the region are beginning to participate, including teams from Oklahoma.

“School attendees, or children of all ages, can participate. All they have to do is attend the competition and appear on the day of the competition,” Townsend said. .. This weekend’s tournament is set to start with a safe light at 3:00 pm on Sunday morning. Townsend has provided them with opportunities to practice and shine by bringing together a community of young fishermen. “Five major tournaments are held throughout the year, with top-ranked children competing in state and national championships to get a chance to win scholarships. Participating in state and national level tournaments will bring the winners Scholarships increase to around $ 100,000 in first place. Universities such as Brian Christian College in Tennessee offer more than $ 88,000 to winners. These scholarships are for our students. Is another incredible way that can be supported to do what you love at a higher level, “said Townsend.

Click to register for this Sunday event. Ark-La-Tex Bassmaster Facebook Link here. Good luck to all the teams that participated in this weekend’s tournament!


Fishing for Scholarships: Ark-La-Tex Bassmaster Millwood Tournament Source link Fishing for Scholarships: Ark-La-Tex Bassmaster Millwood Tournament

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