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First choice September class schedule

The First Choice Pregnancy Center has been in the Texarkana region for many years and provides a variety of resources to people in our region seeking help. First Choice takes pride in their care and compassion for mothers and fathers of all ages by taking advantage of their mission to encourage, educate and advise those at risk of pregnancy. .. “First Choice is a completely professional life center here in the Texar Kana area. From childbirth to early childhood, we offer services such as parenting classes for moms and dads. We also offer peer counseling during pregnancy. It helps new parents and second or third parents to learn. We guarantee that we are here to answer questions about parenting, childbirth, etc. for those who visit us. Then they feel ready to take on the role of parenting at all stages and ages, “said the director of First Choice Christie Wright. ..

“Our top priority is to provide parents with information and options. We are not promoting recruitment here. However, if you are interested in creating an adoption plan, please come visit us for counseling, We can provide resources such as advice and information about nearby adoption agencies. We want to make sure that anyone who comes to us can rest assured if they need help, “said Christie. I did.

1st Choice has a monthly calendar full of different classes and events. Parents in our area seeking resources, help, and information range from how to care for their baby when they first return home to bathing, general baby information, and toddler care. You can participate in various classes. Even the birth class. “Besides the birth class, there is a huge library of lessons to choose from. Not all classes look the same. Some people come with specific needs and desires for information. Pregnant mothers and fathers We can tailor our classes to the needs and questions that our community wants to know more about, “says Wright.

1st Choice offers a variety of class options for parents in our area, but also provides rewards and incentives for parents who continue to attend the class. “The center has a mummy store where parents can earn money and rewards for moms by purchasing items such as child seats, strollers and diapers. Parents can attend classes and succeed on their parenting journey. All you have to do is take care and educate yourself to earn these benefits and use them in your store, “says Wright. For many, becoming a parent and knowing that they are pregnant can cause extreme fear and despair. 1st Choice is a free resource here in the Texarkana region that provides support and encouragement to parents of all ages.

One way 1st Choice has continued to meet the needs of the growing pregnant and fathers community is to use the newly designed mobile unit Leah. Leah is expected to be operational by the end of this month when new ultrasound machines are available. Leah travels with Texarkana and surrounding communities such as DeKalb, Fouke, Atlanta and New Boston. The mobile unit will enable First Choice to provide pregnancy tests, ultrasonography and peer counseling to people in the local community who do not have the means to enter the town to visit the center. Leah will be out in the coming weeks. “We’re trying to schedule people in our community to know when we’re there, but we have to start slowly. All issues We need to resolve this and ensure that there is a need for rear in a particular community, “says Christie. Leah has her Facebook page. Find the rear, Allows people to follow her.

The First Choice Pregnancy Center is located on Main Street 602 in Texarkana, Texas, and is open Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 4 pm, but Thursday is open until 7 pm, primarily for classes. To make a reservation, please call 1st Choice. 903-792-5735, Or you can visit them Website Schedule an appointment.If you are in crisis and need advice while the center is closed, you can send a phone call or text message 1-800-712-Help.. On weekends and holidays, you can always send an email or message to the center from your Facebook page to get help and advice from people who are monitoring your site.


Free Parenting Classes, Prizes, Counseling, Pregnancy Tests and More at 1st Choice Pregnancy Center Source link Free Parenting Classes, Prizes, Counseling, Pregnancy Tests and More at 1st Choice Pregnancy Center

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